Postmodernism in Anime Fandom

Michael Pinto, generally calm, collected, and even erudite, speaks with the voice of rage.  His rage is directed at those who carry on in abject ignorance of the history of American fandom.


At first blush we are sympathetic to Mr. Pinto – without the pioneers, the American fandom would be very different or might not even exist.  However, without excusing this conduct in any way, I want to suggest that Mr. Pinto has missed something very important: the postmodernist streak of anime fandom.


Raid on DancingQueen’s Base Reveals Army

Socal, California – In what police are describing as “a raid of epic proportions,” long-standing anime blogger DancingQueen has been revealed to be secretly building a private army.

In retrospect, the signs have been up for some time now. DancingQueen first posted a link to a sale at DannyChoo, wherein she claimed to have simply amassed too many figurines over the years.  Bloggers responded sympathetically, as the rapidly declining global economy had forced many of them to curtail their own hobbies and recreational activities.  Now, though, her actions stand revealed in a far more sinister light.

“The evidence is clear,” said Detective Morino Ibiki.  “Rather than simply concentrate her power base in one location, DancingQueen hit upon the idea of spreading her figurines to other locations across the world.  By selling them, she could even make a profit in the process!  Upon activation of a certain signal, these puppets would then rise up against their supposed masters, causing havoc and confusing the civil authorities while she makes her bid to take over the world.  She is obviously a kugutsujutsu user of some proficiency, though we have not figured out how she intended to activate the figurines from such extreme distances.”

The raid, though swift, did not manage to capture DancingQueen herself.  Police dispatched to the scene were alarmed to find that what they had arrested was really a dakimakura with a print of Kamina on it.  This reporter was unable to verify rumors that Kamina was displeased at being mistaken for the female DancingQueen, repeatedly shouting, “Who the hell do you think I am?!”

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