Return to form: luneru vs dogrunes

It’s been a while since TMR reported any twitter dorama, so a post on it might well be called a return to form.  Commentary after the text dump.


Hat tip to @moronsister, and trigger warning: language.

 I watched someone spiral into madness on twitter last night. Pretty entertaining and yet horrifying and embarrassing. More con than pro



This Drama is REAL

Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned,
Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.
– William Congreve

“This boat is REAL.” – The Lonely Island

Koji Oe put forth a relatively tame post with his unfiltered thoughts about his relationship with a dedicated gamer.  He likened his role to that of Genshiken‘s Kasukabe, having to put up with her extended gaming sessions.  Also, he sort of forgot that his girlfriend and her extended friend group apparently all read his blog.

No points for guessing where this is going.


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Otaku Speed Dating to be unleashed at Sogen Con

Sepiroth of has decided to help socially-stunted otaku hook up. He will host a speed dating event for 14 people at Sogen Con and, if it goes well, expand it to other cons.

komori wearing white

Anime bloggers weigh in:

Moritheil: This sounds uproariously funny.

PatzPrime: That sounds like a awesome Idea.

Moritheil: Well . . . I generally see otaku as the type to either fail miserably at speed dating, or not require it at all.

lwelyk: Or the type that will be either too male or too absolutely nuts to do it.

PatzPrime: Which is why it sounds like a awesome idea.

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