We know why the caged girl sings

The shrine maiden sings
with measured rhyme
of cybodies unknown
in Zero Time
and her tune is heard
by stars sublime
for the caged girl sings of freedom.

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NYAF 2009 karaoke showdown


Fulfilling a dread prophecy that I have become some kind of karaoke blogger, the most recent round of Twitter involved a curious sort of reverse trash-talk.  Upon being asked if he would karaoke, hisuiRT replied:

You say that now. You might regret those words if you hear me sing. 😉

PatzPrime rejoined,

You are very likely to hear me sing as well and let me tell you that will make you cry it is so amazing.


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Otaku Speed Dating to be unleashed at Sogen Con

Sepiroth of MaiOtaku.com has decided to help socially-stunted otaku hook up. He will host a speed dating event for 14 people at Sogen Con and, if it goes well, expand it to other cons.

komori wearing white

Anime bloggers weigh in:

Moritheil: This sounds uproariously funny.

PatzPrime: That sounds like a awesome Idea.

Moritheil: Well . . . I generally see otaku as the type to either fail miserably at speed dating, or not require it at all.

lwelyk: Or the type that will be either too male or too absolutely nuts to do it.

PatzPrime: Which is why it sounds like a awesome idea.

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