“I confess, without shame, I am sick and tired of fighting—its glory is all moonshine; even success the most brilliant is over dead and mangled bodies, with the anguish and lamentations of distant families, appealing to me for sons, husbands and fathers… ” – WT Sherman

“Ragequit is the highest form of compliment to one’s enemies.” – Michael_Fan

Two writers embroiled in drama have publicly considered quitting.  CJ Blackwing, the aniblogger behind the ABC civil war, more recently entangled in the Janette-Rakuen dispute, has announced her retirement.  Panther, faction leader in the Oppai War, is questioning his place in things now that DFC leader Shinn87 has apparently converted to the promotion of oppai.

rakuen42 Well, the owner of Borderline Hikikomori is retiring.  I’ll be taking over for the foreseeable future. ^_^;

PantherRH So I think I should just give up on blogging. Not that I contributed anything, EVER, anyway.

Will this herald a new era of peace for the aniblogosphere?  Or is it merely the lull before an even greater war is upon us?

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Mefloraine’s Movable Feast

It’s been suggested that Twitter is a hotbed of debauchery.  And really, with certain quotes, it might not be hard to believe that.

mefloraine Throw a party and divide me up for the guests!?  =D

mefloraine I just realized that “Nice pantsu.  They look natural.” is a really awkward comment out of context.  =D

mefloraine Boxers are sexy in a different way.  =D

All is right with the world.

Is this part of a swinging scheme?  Does she turn suitors down so she can pursue her omnivorous ways?


Boob faction unveils anthem

Yet another blow has been struck in the Internet’s burgeoning holy war that pits “delicious flat chest lovers” against “tit lovers.”  In a surprise announcement at a state funeral, Emperor Charles zi Britannia spoke of the need for oppai to secure the future. Elevens leaked the speech onto YouTube.

The Moritheil Review has learned that Pantherrh’s corporate ally Pizza Hut paid off the Emperor in exchange for his support.  Rumors abound of a full version of ‘All Hail Oppai’ based on the national anthem, but it is unclear whether Brittanian royalty will consent to the modification of one of their most revered traditional songs.

The Brittanian Emperor was unavailable for comment.

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Holy War

Have you ever fought to protect what is right?

Have you ever known something to be so good and pure that it was worth sacrificing for?

For one man and his followers, the answer is yes.  And that thing worth protecting . . . is breasts.

pantherrh Calling for all Boob Warriors on Twitter, unite! We will beat down these insidious DFC lovers!


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