On Friendship and Assumptions

So a long time follower unfollowed me and left this message:


Which might sound like the natural reaction of a deeply hurt liberal, except . . . it’s got nothing to do with me. Literally. Way to make assumptions, JoJo. I said three things this morning and one RT. In order:

RT: Not just the #NSA–> WTF. #US federal judge just gave Chevron oil access to the private emails of Amazon activists | http://www.juancole.com/2013/07/chilling-activists-private.html …

Item one: What have we learned, folks? Is money important? #life

Item two: So, the FL woman left the house, got a gun, and came back, which was no longer “standing her ground”: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-504083_162-57434757-504083/fla-woman-marissa-alexander-gets-20-years-for-warning-shot-did-she-stand-her-ground/ … #politics

Item three: Not to say FL doesn’t have racists, just that there might actually be a substantial legal difference between the cases. #politics


That’s not coy, nor is it “pretending” to be anything. My point in item one was just that 90% of people that I meet seriously downplay or underestimate how important money is to life. It is a sober statement about the world we live in. It’s also a direct response to the CHEVRON case I RT’d right before it, instead of the Trayvon Martin case or anything else. Clearly Chevron’s great money bought them the legal counsel needed to win access to the email accounts of the activists against them.

Still, it doesn’t appear the inconvenient facts will stop JoJo from following her narrative of wanting everyone to believe as she believes, and feel as she feels, or else be labeled a “bad person.”

We are all alike, and we are all different. Narratives are the simplifications we put on reality to give us something cohesive to believe in. Yet for all their utility, narratives are not real – they require staggering, unjustified assumptions about people we have not met. It’s truly sad when narratives are allowed to overwrite real people.

If you have no room for your friends in your beliefs, isn’t it time you questioned your beliefs instead of ditching your friends?

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A Meta Revelation

My friends, I have seen the light.  For so much of my life, I have been going about things all wrong. Is this about my reviewing, my demeanor, or even my progress through life?  No, today I speak of a loftier topic, an activity with much higher stakes.

I have been commenting incorrectly on the Internet.



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The Trolling Hour: Apathy for DKellis

Since we've shifted the frame to talking about people, as opposed to moe characters . . .

Since we've shifted the frame to talking about people, as opposed to moe characters, I've extended the visual metaphor.

I’ve never liked Moe Check. This isn’t to say that I hated it or anything, but more that it failed to fully elicit any sort of severe response in any direction. I didn’t hate it, and I didn’t like it; I was just not interested in it.


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Meta Meta!

Smankh wrote:

Battler isn’t there when the murders are committed and that’s why he doesn’t believe (plus as you say he doesn’t want to believe). And be careful not to think that Battler and Meta-Battler is the same person. They are linked, but on different planes of existence, if you know what I mean.

I replied:

Why is meta-Battler not Battler?

If we wish to discuss, say, a tree, what we are discussing is “the spirit of the tree.” And if we discuss the spirit of the tree, we are not discussing the spirit of the spirit of the tree, but rather, the tree itself.

Any discussion about meta-Battler must ultimately be about Battler, or be endlessly recursive.



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Feminist Geeks on gamer culture

All gamers have some stake in what “gamer culture” means. Feminist Geeks points out that it contains some undesirable bias:

ENWorld is actually a pretty respectable site with good discussions, but many of the posters and moderators don’t really give two flying fucks about alienating minority groups. Because… well… D&D/table-top games are typically enjoyed by the default: the white, cisgender, heterosexual male. In a patriarchal, heterocentric society, this makes some of the discourse problematic. By deeming it “preference,” too many folks are veiling their prejudice. And, on that forum along with so many others, it’s acceptable.

I had an interesting discussion with the ENWorld mods a few years back. It taught me something about their approach: they are not concerned with right and wrong; they are concerned with pleasing people and keeping the site running. Their philosophy is akin to that of James Bond on a mission to save the world: keep running by any means necessary. Selectively delete posts to change context, lock threads, ban someone without letting them fully explain themselves – it’s all good as long as the bulk of gamers keep returning.


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From the fires of chaos, a new hope

In the chaos and tumult of April 1, resolves were tested.  Bodies were pushed to the limit.  And a new purpose was forged.  My friends, I am proud* to present The Moritheil Review: all the online drama you can take, and then some.

Truly, all things shall be made new.

  • Proud, that is, for a given value of ‘proud.’
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The sublime madness of another moriblog

You’re probably wondering, “What on earth does Mori want with another weblog space?  Mori already has a fanbase of hundreds on Xanga, a built-in worldwide audience at Anime Diet, and a pair of defunct gaming and philosophy blogs at blogspot!  Any more blogs cannot possibly be tended to!”

Mathematically, you would be right.  But life is growth and change and struggle.  Life is switching tracks, trying new things, tasting different flavors even though you already have a favorite.

And WordPress is free.

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