Swift Justice

But crimes against anime are probably things that should be committed as its a horrible medium

@cinco_bajeena crimes against anime? this calls for…anime justice

@mefloraine @cinco_bajeena Hear, hear! The court of Anime Justice is now convened, the Rt. Hon. @2DTea presiding.

@moritheil @mefloraine @cinco_bajeena Adjourn indefinitely for tea. 🙂

@2DTea @moritheil @mefloraine thank you your honor. If I may geotag the bench?

@cinco_bajeena @2DTea @moritheil @mefloraine This is why I stay up late

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Aniblog Tourney: Chicago Style

In light of the recent discovery that 5camp’s Aniblog Tourney had put dozens of active polls up weeks ahead of the actual contests, leading to possible vote fraud, SCCSAV organizer vuc had this to say:

That’s the Chicago way.

concept by Shiwasu no Okina

Perhaps no statement better underscores the potential for corruption, miscalculation, and misrule inherent in the Aniblog Tourney’s systems – systems that Tournament official mefloraine acknowledges will take quite some time to reset by hand. Amid jokes about “voting early and often,” other bloggers raised more fundamental questions of validity: is the entire tournament just a big “circle jerk” in a closed population?


The rise and fall of halcy

Halcy, then. What’s he all about? The German demoscene king-cum-blogger has been a fixture of the anime twittersphere in recent months, his wit, unassuming personality, and quest for a galactic bishounen transformation sequence combining to net him many friends. (Asked how he would spend prize money from an award, halcy replied, “Booze.”)

Recent events, however, have left him looking less like a pilot and more like a refugee from a soap opera. The Moritheil Review promised records of his flirtation with his mother-in-law, and we were in a unique position to deliver them.

On October 25, halcy joined the ranks of the objectum-sexuals, marrying Foobar in an impromptu ceremony.

The blushing bride:

halcy @mefloraine M-may I marry your music player? *w*

Assent was rapidly given.  This made mefloraine his mother-in-law.

mefloraine Please be kind to it!
halcy I will treat it with utmost kindness~

The proceedings did not, unfortunately, curb his legendary sexual appetite.  Within a month he was flirting with other women, including his mother-in-law, dropping pickup lines and innuendos with the best of them.

halcy @mefloraine Hey girl, why settle for a 5¼ inch floppy when you could have my… *shades* hard drive?

halcy @moritheil Expect self-cest slash to appear soon!

halcy @mefloraine If it was a cellphone, I could now make a super dirty joke about vibration alarm motors.

What is it that drives successful men to this behavior?  Is it the allure of risk?  Is it that we as a society enable them?  Are all men Tiger Woods, deep down inside?

Remember, all Men would be tyrants if they could.
– Abigail Adams

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Zero Obligation

Some say the world is becoming a police state. Liberals and social critics decry the increasing intrusiveness of governments, while politicians insist that the information will not be used to harm anyone that matters. Revelations of government agents overstepping their bounds have spawned parodies.

However, a far more immediate source of the loss of privacy may be  Twitter.  No, not AT&T’s twittersnooping initiative – your fellows on Twitter.

What’s a twitter user to do in a situation like this?  Refuse and resist.

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Art and Oreimo

I, for one, am not yet convinced of the purity of its intentions. The girl has only interest in sis con eroge, not yaoi or other shoujo shipping fodder. That’s weird no matter how you cut it. Then, she’s a pro model in middle school(?), without her brother or parent’s knowledge. I’m not saying it couldn’t happen, its the way the episode brushed it off like it was nothing was what set off alarm bells. And finally, like you noted, it’s preoccupied with framing the girl in compromising positions, like on top of her brother in bed late at night. It’s saying one thing, but doing another, which makes me believe its intentions aren’t as kosher as it seems.


Kadian and others point out the use of risque scenes in Ore no Imouto, which raises an interesting question: such scenes appear throughout other anime. Are we being hypersensitive about them here because of the undercurrent of normalizing incest?

If we agree that the show doesn’t make a big deal of it, what then? Do we actually think that is going to cause something to happen in real life? (Do violent video games cause violence? Do rape eroge cause rape?) Or are we simply reflexively shuddering at the thought because we are trained to do so?

Questioning society’s taboos is the most essential function of art, so even if the show is pandering and risque, in this context, it would be in some sense artistic. In this case, it’s also questioning some of anime’s conventions as well. Sure, the sister is framed in incredibly weird positions. But when that sort of thing occurs in other shows, our normal reaction is to laugh.

Are we so dead set on our taboos that we can’t even discuss them?

The Great Unveiling

Just who is moritheil, anyway? After consulting with leading theorists and conducting careful research, we were able to verify a few facts.

Be prepared, for what is revealed here today may shock you.

These are the basics:

1. Moritheil is a mammal.
2. Moritheil tweets ALL the time.
3. The purpose of moritheil is to flip out and blog about people.

However, the real ultimate power of observation belonged to a German blogger named halcy:

@mefloraine and @moritheil always appear at roughly the same time… SAME PERSON??

Cue gender ambiguity.

The Gentle Rain

Beloved, let us once more praise the rain.
– Conrad Aiken

Spring rain
leaking through the roof
dripping from the wasps’ nest.
-Matsuo Basho

Have you been rained on?

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Once again, Mefloraine showed why she is the moe-moe darling of so much of the blogosphere.

@7thwraith D’aww, come give me a hug~ Polygamy is a nice thing too, you know!

(Read bottom to top:)

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The Ides of Drama

Like the turning of clockwork, like grains of sand through an hourglass, like the succumbing of humanity to zombie plaguesdorama is inevitable, and its production continues.

Ed Sizemore weighed in on Chu-Bra with this:

Chu-Bra may be the paradigm shift that finally helps us understand how to live authentic lives in the 21st century. We can’t ignore it.

Which prompted this response:

Oh look. @edsizemore has discovered sarcasm. Someone give him a cookie.

Yuuka_Kazami went on a block rampage:

Pruning the followers list. Everyone who doesn’t interest me in the slightest will be instantly blocked. Goodbye to those people.

deviryuu http://yfrog.com/4eyzop ;__;

5camp discovered the joys of self-censorship:

That makes me sound like a rapist….

Fightbait demanded satisfaction:


Mefloraine wished she could quit Extrange.

I’m never greeting you again. orz

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AniBlog Tourney sparks criticism

Mefloraine, 5camp, and rabbitpoets began an elimination tournament for 96 hand-picked anime blogs.  Characteristically (for the drama-laden blogosphere), this effort resulted in controversy and recriminations.  Perhaps the most heated criticism came at Kurogane’s blog and at NovaJinx.  Zaitcev briefly accused 5camp of desiring more traffic before retracting the statement.

“People” do not organize these things because they are “bored”. All it is, is a cynical scheme by Scamp to drive visits to his site, nothing more, nothing less. It has less with boredom and more with advertisement revenue.

Although, the current site is away from the CD and runs no ads. So, maybe he is bored after all.


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