Return to form: luneru vs dogrunes

It’s been a while since TMR reported any twitter dorama, so a post on it might well be called a return to form.  Commentary after the text dump.


Hat tip to @moronsister, and trigger warning: language.

 I watched someone spiral into madness on twitter last night. Pretty entertaining and yet horrifying and embarrassing. More con than pro



Precious Bodily Fluids

In something straight out of a satire, a man is suing because his stripper ex-girlfriend took his semen and used it to impregnate herself without his awareness, so that she would have kids and he would pay alimony.

General Jack D. Ripper: I can assure you it has not recurred, Mandrake. Women uh… women sense my power and they seek the life essence. I, uh… I do not avoid women, Mandrake.
Captain Lionel Mandrake: No.
General Jack D. Ripper: But I… I do deny them my essence.

I’m not sure if Dr. Strangelove is a better fit for this demented reasoning, or Astarotte no Omocha, for the “we have ulterior motives for obtaining your genetic material” angle, but this surely is not something we expect to see in normal reality.

At the NY Post, comment logs are full of the usual incendiary postings. Some feel sympathy for the man; some for the woman. I feel bad for the kids.

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An Economic Interlude

And crack is pretty cheap (as is my understanding). Free love pushed the value of sex down to $0 and significantly shrank an industry.


If we’re going to apply economic definitions, we should be consistent: obtaining crack is presumably cheap, but doing crack involves serious health problems and becoming useless for a job, so the main cost of crack use is in terms of health and opportunity cost.

Also, despite the label “free love,” sex is not free: you (presumably) have to get to know the other person, spend on good clothes and grooming to look attractive, learn the social skills and rules of dating, and buy drinks for the other person. (Of course, not every item may apply in every scenario, and some of those may be sunk costs, making the marginal cost of dating/hookups very low, but that’s still not free. It is only vastly cheaper than it previously was.) I’d liken it to what would happen if DeBeers suddenly opened their vaults and let all the diamonds out on the market, instead of the small fraction it lets through now. Diamond prices would plummet. This would not be the same thing as being free but would still probably destroy the industry.

Erin’s article is pretty spot-on, otherwise. Ultimately a lot of the problems discussed stem from not costs, but the arrangement of marginal costs. That is, it costs an uploader money to obtain a DVD, but none extra to upload said DVD. If, in theory, it were possible to attach a huge cost to uploading and lessen the cost of obtaining DVDs, then more DVDs would be sold and fewer would be uploaded.

The pursuit of this situation is what has driven new measures to protect intellectual property. The only problem is that granting corporations the power to implement such measures is horribly invasive of privacy, and that is also a cost that ought to be factored in.

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THAT trap hitched

Before Hideyoshi, before shinn87, before lolikitsune, people knew who you referred to when you said “that aniblogging trap.” Impz was the undisputed master of his craft, and across the globe, men and women alike openly pined for his soft touch.  His widely acknowledged sex appeal secured him an appearance in the RenAi Blogger visual novel and spawned the fan site Everyone’s Gay for Impz.

Now, however, Impz fans will no longer be able to entertain fantasies of a future with him.  Just hours ago in a post at THAT Anime Blog, Impz announced his marriage to otome gamer Thirteensugars. Thirteensugars’ blog entry on March 30th goes into further detail about the March 26 wedding, which took some of Impz’s own staff by surprise.


Springtime for nyoronyolo

As winter faded and February 14th approached, our hero was deep in the throes of denial.  Love?  3D girls?  An otaku cares not for these things.

nyoronyolo stop spamming me about Valentine’s because I don’t fucking care about it – o –

And yet fate decreed that nyoronyolo would not remain in his self-imposed solitude.  Who should approach now, but one of those girls?

Pralyn @nyoronyolo Valentines’s Valentines’s Valentines’s Valentines’s Valentines’s Valentines’s ;D

Some inexplicable figment, some ineluctable quality of her repeated pleas kindled a spark in his heart.  “Chance!” thought the otaku blogger. Swiftly, his deft fingers framed a response:

nyoronyolo @Pralyn take responsibility for this and go out with me then~

Alas, it was not to be.  The spark of hope, so new and fresh, was stamped out by the iron boot of derision.

Pralyn @nyoronyolo Rofl… no.

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Let the Right One In: a Meta-review

Mr_faust said, “Fuck you, Owen.”


I was intrigued.  I read the link, and I’m forced to agree: Owen Gleiberman, possibly through no fault of his own, has not grasped the point of Let the Right One In.  Let me show you two quotes from his review:

Where, I want to know, in all this girl/boy, normal/vampire, angel/demon spiritual diddling is the heat, the confusion, even the anguish of young love?
And, sorry, I still think it lacks coherence. Why do a bunch of cats turn demonic and attack a woman who has been attacked by a vampire? And why the sudden, excessive carnage of the swimming-pool massacre?

Are you confused or not, Owen Gleiberman?

Yes.  You are confused.

And this is a point of the movie: the confusion of young love isn’t confusion about love exclusively.  It’s confusion about everything in life.  Why do things appear to happen suddenly? Because when you’re young you have no clue about how to unravel cause and effect, intent and circumstance, mistake and resulting cock-up.  When you are young things simply happen.