Oppai Taisen: The War Continues

After a break in the fighting, the Breast Wars have seen another fight recently: Myst1ord and Omonomono clashed over their differing opinions on form-fitting clothing for women in anime.


Omonomono’s points:

– Art is unrealistic; this does not make it unenjoyable

– This is a trend that continues across multiple genres, from ancient Egyptian art to modern superflat

Myst1ord’s points:

– Verisimilitude is important to creating enjoyable art

– Purple hair, nekomimi etc. do not break suspension of disbelief and therefore there is no inconsistency in railing against excessively unrealistic or caricaturized art, but not railing against these things.

Drmchsr0’s point:

– Anime girls are often dressed to evoke the virgin/whore dichotomy – and not in a constructive, edifying manner.

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Aniblog Tourney: War

In AD 2012, war was beginning.

I don’t want to be an asshole, but closing CSW’s poll simply because we have a influx compared to the other blogs is a direct attack at not only my pride but at our viewership. If I do not get an apology, I will cause CSW’s army to spam and raid various anime blog sites. Apologies, but this has gone far enough. – AvuKamu (SPIRAL of Chocolate Syrupy Waffles)

Reactions to the the 5camp-moderated tournament continued to vary:

drmchsr0 I thought I’d hate on the ABT, but then I realized I don’t particularly care about it :V

predederva despite my off the cuff remarks, I’m not a hater of the aniblog tourney. i do think it will produce a lot of drama though

kabitzin https://t.co/KTeh0o3E Man, polldaddy is so shitty

Kuroshinko If this whole aniblog tourney is in suspicion of being rigged, maybe let’s restart this whole thing?

KyokaiTM Open question to all my aniblogger tweeple. What’s your opinion on fair voting in the aniblog tourney? How you do it yourself?

Dez691 VOTE MANIPULATION for a minor internet tournament made for fun but VOTE MANIMPULATION

lvlln It’s a tournament for people who blog about anime. You’re surprised they take anything more seriously than it’s worth?

quattro_maeda  it’s fun and you get introduced to new blogs. And psgels is gonna win anyway

5camp @lvlln It’s more what @quattro_maeda said. Interest spikes in the first batch but wanes quickly

And there is betting.

Holy War

Have you ever fought to protect what is right?

Have you ever known something to be so good and pure that it was worth sacrificing for?

For one man and his followers, the answer is yes.  And that thing worth protecting . . . is breasts.

pantherrh Calling for all Boob Warriors on Twitter, unite! We will beat down these insidious DFC lovers!


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The Twitter Neighborhood

On Twitter, everyone knows your name.

NanoPulp Every time I go to @shinn87’s Atarashii Prelude, it’s like getting baptised. Only backwards. In terms of process and your standing in heaven.

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