“Don’t tell me what I must do. The only things I must do are pay my taxes and die.” – Popular twist on Ben Franklin quote

It’s tax day in the USA, and when matters of money come up, the international gripe machine swivels its cyclopean head to focus on those richer than us.  For the delectation of the howling masses, CNN trots out this predictable analysis of Mark Zuckerberg’s fortune, complete with the line “he’ll never have to pay taxes again.”

What? Unfair! We the people, innately born with virtue and made equal by dint of the fact that This Is America, squat in our upside-down condos and lament our fortune.  You know what would really make us feel better? Improving our lives? No; that can wait – what we really want to get into is negativity about one of those who succeeded. Because nothing says ‘a better future’ like denying that it’s possible for people to make it here in the now.

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Anime Blips closes

Anime Blips, the DailyRadar anime aggregator, has closed. Though it was not without its detractors – Zaitcev decried it as no better than a spam site – other blogs (among them RabbitPoets and ZoneOtaku) welcomed the attention it offered.

Visitors to Anime Blips were greeted with a short message:

Thank you for your interest, but the website you are trying to visit is no longer being supported.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our bloggers, visitors, and advertisers who have supported our sites.

As of press time, the AnimeBlips twitter account was still active, though a slew of its sister sites had not fared so well.

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Tiamat’s Disciple Passes On

Following a heroic struggle against cancer, Tiamat’s Disciple (of Tiamat’s Reviews) has passed away. His brother wrote:

When my brother was first diagnosed with cancer he was given months to live, during that time he got more and more into manga and became more of a prolific writer. Surprisingly he was able to beat off the cancer, and then again a second time last year.

I can’t tell you what it’s like to read these comments and see that while my brother was a pain in the arse at times, there were people who liked and will miss him. I have to admit I was against him getting into manga and blogging, because I felt it would isolate him more, and I am pleased to see I was wrong to think that.

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