Swift Justice

But crimes against anime are probably things that should be committed as its a horrible medium

@cinco_bajeena crimes against anime? this calls for…anime justice

@mefloraine @cinco_bajeena Hear, hear! The court of Anime Justice is now convened, the Rt. Hon. @2DTea presiding.

@moritheil @mefloraine @cinco_bajeena Adjourn indefinitely for tea. ūüôā

@2DTea @moritheil @mefloraine thank you your honor. If I may geotag the bench?

@cinco_bajeena @2DTea @moritheil @mefloraine This is why I stay up late

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Oppai Taisen: The War Continues

After a break in the fighting, the Breast Wars have seen another fight recently: Myst1ord and Omonomono clashed over their differing opinions on form-fitting clothing for women in anime.


Omonomono’s points:

– Art is unrealistic; this does not make it unenjoyable

– This is a trend that continues across multiple genres, from ancient Egyptian art to modern superflat

Myst1ord’s points:

– Verisimilitude is important to creating enjoyable art

– Purple hair, nekomimi etc. do not break suspension of disbelief and therefore there is no inconsistency in railing against excessively unrealistic or caricaturized art, but not railing against these things.

Drmchsr0’s point:

– Anime girls are often dressed to evoke the virgin/whore dichotomy – and not in a constructive, edifying manner.

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A digression from Vuc

Vuc linked this, and I read it and felt compelled to comment:

It doesn‚Äôt matter how you get into things; it matters that you get into things. Let me clarify: you got into anime, which then got you into blogging, which opened the doors to the whole community on the Internet. Any number of things could happen from then on. Business and job opportunities, philosophical revelations, really anything might appear before you. Now you might say ‚Äúthat‚Äôs the power of networking,‚ÄĚ or some such, but it could equally be said that that‚Äôs the power of anime.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.”

If you never take the first step, you don’t take the journey.

Digibro talks about how anime is his whole world. ¬†We don’t need to be quite so grand or dramatic – I’ll be conservative and say that anime is a part of your world. ¬†Because of anime you will be able to meet and relate to people, and because of that you’ll be able to learn new things, which will then open doors into other things, other places, other mindsets. ¬†Anime is the key here, but when we talk of people in general it doesn’t have to be anime. ¬†I’m sure there are people who opened lots of doors by being able to talk about sports, or fashion, or NASCAR racing. ¬†It truly doesn’t matter, except that it does¬†to you, because anime is what was compelling enough for you to take that first step out into the world.

Take the step.  Be excited and passionate about something.  Anime is just fine.

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When is a buildup too long?

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Enjoying ‘Enjoying Anime’

A post at CSM Anime Club purporting to set down universal stages of anime fandom set off a furious discussion on twitter.

And when that guy passes your favorite show off as pseudo-intellectual, otaku-pandering, mindless drivel, goddamn but shit is gonna go down.

Occasionally, sure. I’ve certainly seen the likes of JunichiHeart rage online about the use of the term “pandering,” but I’m not sure most fans are truly, deeply bothered by someone having radically different views on individual articles of media. ¬†Virtually everyone argued about the meaning of The Matrix, but I didn’t see any intercontinental ballistic missiles launched or holy wars started over it. ¬†(Contrast this to, say, the Sale of Manhattan, different interpretations of which launched several wars between natives and Settlers.) ¬†If you are truly, deeply bothered by people liking/hating a movie, I have to marvel at how peaceful your life is that this is your all-consuming issue. ¬† Of course, there really are those for whom that statement is perfectly true, and their life is defined by such things. ¬†I just don’t know that we should say this is a universal mode of thought.

Arguably, taste is an inherent trait of ours, and can only be brought out, not developed. We can’t suddenly like a genre that we hated previously. Or can we? To explore this, I present to you my 5 Stages of An Anime Fan.

I’m sure there is a point here. ¬†Or is there? ¬†Logically, the proposition “either we can change our tastes, or we can’t change our tastes” is true, but that doesn’t tell us much. ¬†The stages also don’t resolve the issue – they work fine as a reaction or personal journey, but I’m still scratching my head over how they are claimed to be an exploration of anime fans in general.


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FUNimation sub downloading addendum

On Twitter, sh1zuka raised another interesting point to think about:

@moritheil conversely I think they went over. By DLing the HS eps via bittorrent, they uploaded to the swarm, same as the 1337 ppl they sued

I don’t think we know for sure that they used a torrent service. ¬† It’s quite possible they used a direct download. ¬†The only way such a thing could be proven would be with a court order, which they are unlikely to ask for. ¬†A defendant sued by them could try, but even if they did,¬†I wonder what the legal status of a downloader from FUNimation is – would it be OK to download from the official distributor, who knowingly uploads as they download? ¬†Is there any implicit license in the knowing act of uploading? ¬†(If I put my candy on your tray, can you eat it?)

Even if so, does the proportion taken from FUNi matter? ¬†Is it only a defense if 100% of the file was downloaded from them? ¬†50%? ¬†10%? ¬†FUNi can certainly upload all it likes – but will a judge accept the argument that the upload end of a torrent being legal implies something about the download end? ¬†There’s no entrapment or anything, since that would require FUNimation to set it up, and they almost certainly got it from a preexisting downloading scheme.

If these possibilities were invoked in court, it would probably take a long time to sort through all the scenarios, since the case would probably wind up making precedent.  However, for that very reason, a defendant (most likely cash-strapped) would be unlikely to want to take this approach.

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FUNimation using ‚Äėpirated‚Äô subtitles

Torrentfreak ran an article about FUNimation using downloaded subs to create their dubs. It read, in part:

There is no doubt that Funimation is using ‚Äėpirated‚Äô subtitles, but it seems unlikely that they failed to secure the appropriate rights.

This is based on what tempest of ANN wrote:

1) Funimation did use HS’s video/subs in that recording session
2) We do not know why, we do not know if it is regular behavior
3) Funimation is the licensee, and their license¬†almost assuredly includes CR’s subtitle script
4) Funimation’s license and US Copyright law and USC Section 17 give Funimation the legal right to use HS’s video/subs
5) As a result of #3 & #4 Funimation’s actions (not including font) were not illegal
6) If the font in question was included as an additional file (and not hard coded), and we assume that HS does not have a license to distribute the font, Funimation may have unwittingly infringed the copyright of the font if they do not have an appropriate license for that font
7) We do not know for fact if Funimation has a license for the font

Now as for the ethics side… most of it is pretty subjective.

This is, broadly speaking, true, but two parts stand out.

I take issue with tempest giving #2 its own point because it’s blowing smoke. ¬†“We do not know if it’s regular behavior.” ¬†Why emphasize this? ¬†It’s safe to say at this point that some offical dubs use subs. ¬†Should we say that all of them do? No. But neither should we take the stance that this is probably some kind of aberration. ¬†Further proof is required to lean either way. ¬†The concern of fans is that this comes at a time when FUNimation is suing downloaders. ¬†Those lawsuits don’t hinge on “regular behavior,” do they? ¬†It is irrelevant whether this is regular behavior, so the only reason for tempest to bring this up is to discourage people from exploring the possibility that dubs they have paid money for consulted subs.

I take issue with the way #4 is written, because it is only true as long as HorribleSubs are ripping off Crunchyroll. ¬†In other words, there is no separate legal right that FUNimation has in that category. ¬†It is inaccurate to suggest that FUNimation has rights they don’t have.

First off, it’s legally fine for FUNi to download fansubs if they have the legal rights to distribute the thing to begin with. They have the right to download an English version of the episode because they¬†give themselves that right, as the legal distributor. ¬†(The law is very accommodating – as long as one is on top.) ¬†Politically, though, this is insensitive and is probably what has some people upset: why are you suing all these people if you yourself rely on these subs?

But there is another legal issue: it does not follow that FUNimation automatically has zero obligation to reimburse or acknowledge the fansubbers who did the translations, assuming it can be proven that their dubs are a derivative work of those translations.

Now, if they are only using subs done by Crunchyroll, and CR says it’s OK, then there is never going to be any legal action, and this is a nonissue. But if they are using subs by fansub groups, without getting their OK, then there is potentially a problem.

As for points 6 and 7, they are side issues: this font is not appearing on the dubbed product, because it’s a dub. ¬†It’s unlikely to result in legal action, either way: font makers do not typically go around suing people for accidentally downloading their font without knowing better, the way that distributors go around suing people.

It would be an ironic twist to see a fansub group sue FUNimation in court for using their intellectual property.

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Gulp! Going where no digitalboy has gone before

digitalboy served notice on the blogosphere yesterday:

I’m probably going to blog Lotte no Omocha here so just be ready for that lol.

Lotte no Omocha, according to Wikipedia and Manga-Updates, is a fantasy story with an unconventional twist:

In the medieval fantasy world of Alfheimr, succubus princess Astrarotte Ygvar, the first princess of the kingdom of Ygvar, has just reached the age of 10. For the coming years of a young succubus‚Äô life, it is necessary for them to have a male harem. In order to maintain their body and preserve their beautiful appearance, they must consume a substance only found on males. This substance is a liquid called ‚ÄúSauzfryma‚ÄĚ, better known as semen. The princess, however, bears a great dislike against men, and only agrees to create a harem if a human male is to join.

(emphasis added.)

Twitter response was swift and sarcastic.

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The difference between analysis and aficion

BakaBT submitted a post in which he began on one topic and ended on a tangentially related one. ¬†This behavior is normal for personal blogging, but unacceptable in any sort of academic or professional context. ¬†The ambitious beginning, for those who don’t care to click through, was:

Many people think that anime and cartoons are actually the same thing. I know that every person who will read this will most likely know how to distinguish, but I felt the urge to write this post to prove to all once and for all, that it’s normal to watch anime no matter how old you are.

Which inspired pointed criticism, like this tweet by sasuraiger:

http://bit.ly/ev2Hhc I am actually kind of stunned by how dumb this anime vs cartoons analysis is

and this one, from blubart, in BakaBT’s own comments section:

Your chain of arguments is flawed.¬†Starting with your ‚Äúthesis‚ÄĚ that you want to “prove to all once and for all, that it‚Äôs normal to watch anime no matter how old you are . . . ”¬†which you never bring any argument forth to support.

If he'd focused on chains, his audience would be more accepting.

It is, in all fairness, the promise of a deep analysis followed by a very superficial assessment (limited to a couple specific tendencies in artistic styles and character design.) ¬†But where the post itself may fail to enlighten about the essential qualities of anime, the reactions of the readers tell us much about the expectations of people in the anime blogosphere. ¬†It’s not merely passe, whimsical, or silly to promise an analysis and not deliver: it’s a deep failing.

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We know why the caged girl sings

The shrine maiden sings
with measured rhyme
of cybodies unknown
in Zero Time
and her tune is heard
by stars sublime
for the caged girl sings of freedom.

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