Louie Louie

ok wow i’m really going to regret all of this aren’t i

Rage filled the blogger formerly known as angelsharkbite, and he vented his spleen on everyone listening.  Apparently, a particularly persistent homophobe undertook a campaign of harassment that reduced the normally sarcastic vomitchan to this irritable state.

Apparently this is not an isolated incident.  Formspring lists a rather detailed genderswap scenario question from five months ago.  Still, one must wonder: who has it in for him?

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The Great Unveiling

Just who is moritheil, anyway? After consulting with leading theorists and conducting careful research, we were able to verify a few facts.

Be prepared, for what is revealed here today may shock you.

These are the basics:

1. Moritheil is a mammal.
2. Moritheil tweets ALL the time.
3. The purpose of moritheil is to flip out and blog about people.

However, the real ultimate power of observation belonged to a German blogger named halcy:

@mefloraine and @moritheil always appear at roughly the same time… SAME PERSON??

Cue gender ambiguity.