Swift Justice

But crimes against anime are probably things that should be committed as its a horrible medium

@cinco_bajeena crimes against anime? this calls for…anime justice

@mefloraine @cinco_bajeena Hear, hear! The court of Anime Justice is now convened, the Rt. Hon. @2DTea presiding.

@moritheil @mefloraine @cinco_bajeena Adjourn indefinitely for tea. 🙂

@2DTea @moritheil @mefloraine thank you your honor. If I may geotag the bench?

@cinco_bajeena @2DTea @moritheil @mefloraine This is why I stay up late

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“It’s time to play!”

These words hung on the ether, suspended. I looked up from the monitor in my lap. A thick crust of discarded envelopes and opened bills covered my desk, interwoven with make-up assignments and urgent requests from companies for more information (dated last year.) Empty bottles fought with used glasses like weeds growing through the avalanche of paper, dead things pushing up desperately for light and life.

My nails, unclipped, clicked harshly against the plastic as I considered.

Yes. It’s always time to play.



2DTeleidoscope: Good morning, writers. It’s time to play! (300-500 words based on this phrase, post somewhere we can see by day’s end.)

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The unreal world

“I’m going to make out with like 30 chicks tonight.”

– Wes Bergman, Real World: Austin

What is the proper follow-up to America’s Greatest Otaku?  How do you bring a slice of obsessive anime fan life to the public?  If you are the twitter blogosphere, the answer is clearly an Anime-fan-only Real World.