A digression from Vuc

Vuc linked this, and I read it and felt compelled to comment:

It doesn’t matter how you get into things; it matters that you get into things. Let me clarify: you got into anime, which then got you into blogging, which opened the doors to the whole community on the Internet. Any number of things could happen from then on. Business and job opportunities, philosophical revelations, really anything might appear before you. Now you might say “that’s the power of networking,” or some such, but it could equally be said that that’s the power of anime.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.”

If you never take the first step, you don’t take the journey.

Digibro talks about how anime is his whole world.  We don’t need to be quite so grand or dramatic – I’ll be conservative and say that anime is a part of your world.  Because of anime you will be able to meet and relate to people, and because of that you’ll be able to learn new things, which will then open doors into other things, other places, other mindsets.  Anime is the key here, but when we talk of people in general it doesn’t have to be anime.  I’m sure there are people who opened lots of doors by being able to talk about sports, or fashion, or NASCAR racing.  It truly doesn’t matter, except that it does to you, because anime is what was compelling enough for you to take that first step out into the world.

Take the step.  Be excited and passionate about something.  Anime is just fine.

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