The Guilty Crown

At our age the imagination

   across the sorry facts

      lifts us

to make dere

   stand before yan.


   love is old

      and hackneyed

and totally trite—

   at least, slave to demographics,

      animated love is.

But we are older,

I to blog

   and you to be dissected,

we have,

   through cruel luck,

      by our wills survived

as NEETs

   the boxed prize


at our finger tips.

We will it so

   and so it is

      past all accident.

With apologies to William Carlos Williams.

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  1. Hi Mori. I think I saw a tweet of yours a while back that hinted an upcoming piece on ANB-related drama. In case you’re doing that, you may be interested in this rather sordid history of Tenchi fan boards someone just posted with remarkable syncronicity. It’s probably somewhat opaque for readers not of the Tenchi fandom, but I think it might still be an interesting read of darkness of fandom revealed. I must say, without witnessing a fair share of it and some of the present day aftermath, I’d have trouble believing this tale was for real.

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