Yandere Fennec

Anya_fennec of Forty-Four Fennecs previously expressed her G status.  But it would seem her prowess is not limited to ballistics!  Anya does not hesitate to close grips in true yandere fashion.

“Anya.Fennec”: MORITHEIL
“bythebooks”: ah, what time?
“bythebooks”: sigh, in dire need of lip balm
“pp-otakurean”: i got bee wax lip balm
“Akira”: someone’s read that malcolm gladwell crap…
“moritheil”: oro?
“Anya.Fennec”: nothing I just really want to hack you with an axe right now
“moritheil”: Yandere.Fennec?!


“moritheil”: Get those feelings out by singing and not via swinging the axe 😛
“Anya.Fennec”: that’s cause I can’t reach you from here

. . .

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  1. I object. I see no real yandere traits there. Yangire, maybe. Yandere, not.

    • Well, she calls herself yandere. So noted.

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  3. ANOTHER POST ABOUT ME!?!??! And for clarification to anyone else here, no I do not like Moritheil but the yandere is in reaction to something he said to someone on twitter (which is why it didn’t show up in the chat log).

    • I actually hadn’t realized that, and thought you were randomly targeting me for destruction. What were you responding to?

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