Aniblog Tourney: War

In AD 2012, war was beginning.

I don’t want to be an asshole, but closing CSW’s poll simply because we have a influx compared to the other blogs is a direct attack at not only my pride but at our viewership. If I do not get an apology, I will cause CSW’s army to spam and raid various anime blog sites. Apologies, but this has gone far enough. – AvuKamu (SPIRAL of Chocolate Syrupy Waffles)

Reactions to the the 5camp-moderated tournament continued to vary:

drmchsr0 I thought I’d hate on the ABT, but then I realized I don’t particularly care about it :V

predederva despite my off the cuff remarks, I’m not a hater of the aniblog tourney. i do think it will produce a lot of drama though

kabitzin Man, polldaddy is so shitty

Kuroshinko If this whole aniblog tourney is in suspicion of being rigged, maybe let’s restart this whole thing?

KyokaiTM Open question to all my aniblogger tweeple. What’s your opinion on fair voting in the aniblog tourney? How you do it yourself?

Dez691 VOTE MANIPULATION for a minor internet tournament made for fun but VOTE MANIMPULATION

lvlln It’s a tournament for people who blog about anime. You’re surprised they take anything more seriously than it’s worth?

quattro_maeda  it’s fun and you get introduced to new blogs. And psgels is gonna win anyway

5camp @lvlln It’s more what @quattro_maeda said. Interest spikes in the first batch but wanes quickly

And there is betting.


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  1. […] I haven’t been paying much attention, partly due to my schedule and partly because I have mixed feelings about these things. If I may evoke an immortal excuse: it’s not them, it’s me. […]

  2. Road to disqualification was without any solid response. I’m disappointed. Even if I would have voted for Sekijitsu, there should be clear reasoning for disqualification.

  3. In my opinion it’s unfair how CSW got thrown out of the tourney. When AstroNerdBoy manipulated the vote in his favor in the last tourney, he was treated as a martyr and the blame was put on me because I campaigned against him. The fact is, I wouldn’t manipulate the vote in the first place because that’s wrong, and I would never vote for AstroNerdBoy if my life depended on it. To put it on me when he got scared and wanted to get a safe cushion of extra votes just shows that the tourney organizers are too easily manipulated. I don’t expect them to let my comment through at the tourney site because of how AstroNerdBoy has been telling everyone that I’m an evil psycho, but I just wanted to say this in support of CSW because I know what it’s like to get a bad rap for supposedly manipulating the vote when all you did was campaign fair and square.

  4. Damn right there is betting.

  5. >Get blog’s poll closed due to vote influx.

    >Retaliate by raiding and spamming other blogs.

    Yeah, this tourney is reasonable beyond doubt.

  6. ABT crew claimed they knew what voting fraud looked like. They don’t.

    It would appear that overwhelmed GAR GAR Stegosaurus 253/170, but that is not so. In actuality it was a dead heat, ~80 of Whiners votes were scripted in by yours truly courtesy of Tor. I think it was slightly less than the ending difference, but I’m not sure as I didn’t record the exact numbers.

    The biggest joke is that the organizers were left completely in the dark about this, even with nearly 1/3 of one side’s votes being fake. I wasn’t even trying to make it difficult for them to detect, doing it in two fairly distinctive surges that lasted 30-40 minutes each day.

    • Oh, I had actually saved a screenshot about this but your commenting here saves me the trouble. Thanks! 🙂

    • As I’m apparently being censored now at the ABT blog, please allow me post my response to TWWK’s chastising here, fwiw:

      I only ended up hurting GAR GAR because I underestimated the extent to which this tourney is lacking thought. See, even if they couldn’t catch me in the act, I expected that the unelected officials would at least give GAR GAR a rematch after manipulation had been revealed as a strong possibility. But apparently it’s OK to throw a blog out of the tourney based on unproven misconduct, but it’s not OK to give someone else a fair shake because reported misconduct can’t be proven (thanks to nothing other than the organizing committee’s own ineptitude and lackadaisical attitude).

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