Aniblog Tourney: Chicago Style

In light of the recent discovery that 5camp’s Aniblog Tourney had put dozens of active polls up weeks ahead of the actual contests, leading to possible vote fraud, SCCSAV organizer vuc had this to say:

That’s the Chicago way.

concept by Shiwasu no Okina

Perhaps no statement better underscores the potential for corruption, miscalculation, and misrule inherent in the Aniblog Tourney’s systems – systems that Tournament official mefloraine acknowledges will take quite some time to reset by hand. Amid jokes about “voting early and often,” other bloggers raised more fundamental questions of validity: is the entire tournament just a big “circle jerk” in a closed population?

predederva the circle jerk is on

quattro_maeda ok we need more non-participatory voters lol (@vamptvo on circlejerking)

Solidad Please tell your hordes to vote in the AniTourney @adtcruz @achiisan @TCManila

The Moritheil Review predicted in March that the Second Aniblog Tourney would provide drama for weeks, but this exceeds even those predictions.  In light of recent setbacks, voters must ask themselves: is the system flawed?

mefloraine well fuck

mefloraine I didn’t know this was accessible. I am sure Scamp didn’t either.

mefloraine obviously that’s not supposed to be used, why would people vote on them -________-


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  1. Hah Chicago style politics! This was great…thanks for the quote by the way.

  2. Resetting the polls is indeed one easy click (well, 3 clicks technically). And we’ve shut the polls before they’re supposed to be open. But still, this isn’t exactly ideal…

  3. Ahahah, it’s going to be fun to see what will happen as soon as the tourney get into the 3/4th round…:P

  4. I’m glad to be ineligible for aniblog tourneys. Saves me the headaches. :3

  5. Thanks for reporting on this. They have apparently reset and closed most of the polls (some still have 1 vote registered), but for some reason the polls slated for tomorrow and the day after are already open for voting now. I was able to vote there no problem. I honestly don’t get this kind of negligent attitude.

  6. […] to the the 5camp-moderated tournament continued to […]

  7. I never ask people to vote for our site. I just want them to vote for the tourney.

  8. I never ask people to vote for our site. I ask them to vote for the tourney.

  9. Oh, my nameis there. Dorama~!

    But seriously, I can’t avoid the drama. It did even hit me twice.

  10. Well, guess I’m glad they didn’t put me in the tourney then. 😀

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