Aniblog Tourney Strikes Back

Twitter might be likened to a continually-bubbling cauldron of drama: there is never an absence of it, but sometimes the cauldron gets hotter.

5camp’s Aniblog Tourney, which spawned such greats as “Help Me Stroke My E-Peen,” has returned.

Though 5camp stated that all participants have already been contacted, the cart-driving judge was quick to add that new challengers are welcome to submit their information and brave the scrutiny of naysayers along with the rest.  The tournament’s mildly adversarial “bracket” format promises interesting drama for weeks to come.

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  1. I’d like to humbly submit a link to a post that may add further fuel to the fire. Trzr23 and I did are working on a series of preview posts for the tourney:

  2. The ABT drama production engine appears to be running red hot before the tourney has even started…

    (Screenshots courtesy of @kurogane_s)

  3. […] light of the recent discovery that 5camp’s Aniblog Tourney had put dozens of active polls up weeks ahead of the actual contests, leading to possible vote […]

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