Living the Dream

Earlier we gave readers a glimpse into the thuggish adventures of 8dayswithoutme, comparing them with those of Eric Wright.

But is she still . . . stylin‘?

8dayswithoutme going out with my real-life haremettes. yes, I have real-life haremettes.

8dayswithoutme what can I say? I’m pimpin

8dayswithoutme seriously, I could be getting so much ass here. just saying.

8dayswithoutme can I have the 2011 award for pimpingest aninerdloserblogger?

Yes. Yes, you may.

8dayswithoutme I should probably stop referring to classmates as “hey, harem-boy!” though

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  1. Yes, stylin’

  2. Man, I’d hit that.

    And, man, the vodka at the end… yeah, that’s pretty much me.

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