Sayaka, nobody’s waifu

A gifset was reblogged from fuckyeamadokamagica with the tag, “Sayaka please be my wife.”

The thing is, that’s actually the central issue of her tragedy.  She can’t pick herself up and move on to a guy who actually cares about her.  She’s stuck on the guy who doesn’t care for her and discards her like trash once he gets better, who cannot know or appreciate the depths of what she has sacrificed to enable his recovery.

This is, not coincidentally, the very thing that makes her appeal to the audience: it is a universally appreciated human foible.

So… good sentiment, but if it were at all possible, Sayaka would not be Sayaka.

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  1. Our favorite character from the series as well. Whether or not it’s as a result of a calculated recombination of moe traits I can not say, but it was enough to cause my partner to write a post about her.

    What’s also notable about her character is that it kind of forced me to confront some of my own thoughts on love, and in doing so it’s how I became so endeared to Sayaka. She descends into madness because she not only is too timid to go forth and declare herself, she is also fundamentally very selfish with her love.

    It’s a very human combination that many people in the blogosphere didn’t recognize because of their dismissal of her during the show’s airing.

    • Selfish is one way of looking at it . . . I view it as her being fundamentally afraid. That fear leads to her destruction.

  2. Hate her. She ruined the show and they spent too much time on her shitty arc.

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