Koji Oe keeps it real

Anime/relationship/life blogger Koji Oe has called it quits, with a final blog post titled “Poe’s Law.”   Overall, Oe’s story is one of hilariously exaggerated boorishness and horrified reader reactions.

Indeed his relationship with his readers seems to have suffered greatly from matters of misinterpretation, culminating in his infamous ‘I’m dating an ex-fujoshi‘ post and her resultant public breakup with him.

In some ways he resembled shinn87, but where shinn only fabricated the most outrageous of dramatic tales with respect to himself, Koji Oe intermingled real life and fantasy.  He was not the only blogger to do so, but he was perhaps the one who took it the furthest.  While it’s unclear that the titular Poe’s Law perfectly applies to him, as at least some of the time he was in earnest, it’s also clear that a great deal of the time he was not, and people often had difficulty distinguishing the two. As I previously wrote:

Koji Oe’s farcical lines, “Get back in the kitchen,” and so forth, were probably not meant in earnest. His protests that the women did not understand this, however, illustrate a different problem.

Koji Oe’s twitter has also been deleted.

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  1. Here is Koji Oe’s new blog


    He is using the same last name that he has listed on his face book katsuragi, https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=510038892

    • Thank you for pointing this out.

  2. http://twitter.com/#!/koji_katsuragi

    On the other hand, there’s an unrelated person rising from the ashes.

    Good to see some TMRs again!

    • Thanks for pointing it out so fast, and thanks for reading!

  3. I’m going to miss that chap

    • Many of us will.

  4. He didn’t left at all apparently, he is actually now known as Koji Katsuragi and his new blog is on this link: http://kojikatsuragi.wordpress.com/ He faked his dissapearance, saying that Koji has passed away. I know this because his avatar was used on this new blog before he changed it. He’s basically starting anew and probably trying to forget the past.

    • Thanks for pointing this out. I suppose that is an option everyone may choose online.

  5. So will I.

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