8 days in the hood

Drinking like a baller, encouraging the hustle, and buying 60’s Impalas: 8dayswithoutme is the new Eazy E.

Bored as hell and I wanna get ill
so I went to a spot where otaku chill
The fellas out there making dat dollar

look, folks, I happen to think usury is WRONG. last time I checked? those 18%+ interest rates? yep, pretty sure that qualifies as usury

I pulled up in a ‘64 impala

when I say “impala” I mean “impala circa 196x”

They greet me with a blu-ray and I start watching

ok, hmm, think I’ll get meself a house and then populate it with anibloggers. good times.

from the DAI SHOKKU, my heart starts stopping
Gotta get Posey to rock that body
before I left, I hit the Bacardi

Went to her house to get her out of the pad
dumb hoe said something that made me mad
she said something that I couldn’t believe

so, best part of the ceremony was obv when the bride turned to me, frowned, and said, “y’know, I was actually in love w/u in college”

so I grabbed the stupid bitch by her nappy-ass weave

She started talkin shit; wouldn’t you know
I reached back like a pimp, and I slapped the hoe!

maybe I flunked the sexual harassment/assault prevention eval because I was too busy pairing off two of the women in it

Her father jumped up and he started to shout
so I threw a right cross and knocked his old ass out

you’re not that far away; I could kick your ass in person!

Cause the boys in the hood are always hard
come talking that trash and we’ll pull your card

all the contention about libraries makes me want to go out and get a shotgun. I get so incoherent.

knowin’ nothing in life but to be legit

ok, more booze last night, sucked [a guy]’s fingers at a table in a bar WHOOPS

dont quote me boy; I ain’t said shit

um um um would you like to skype with me sometime? Uguuuuuu

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  1. Simply brilliant. Bravo Mori!

  2. Dear lord, what hath I wrought?

  3. Yo, finally a homie who speaks street. Sup, dawg, this shit’s badass. You was so in the zone with hoe slappin, yo.

    Fuck yeah, you hit the street hard, hows about you write yo own track? For real. Could be pretty smooth. No shit, son.

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