The unreal world

“I’m going to make out with like 30 chicks tonight.”

– Wes Bergman, Real World: Austin

What is the proper follow-up to America’s Greatest Otaku?  How do you bring a slice of obsessive anime fan life to the public?  If you are the twitter blogosphere, the answer is clearly an Anime-fan-only Real World.

The ultimate root of all this introspection?  Some very real hot chocolate.  For all that the blogosphere focuses on the 2D, the need for 3D sustenance cannot be avoided.

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  1. Can you imagine anibloggers blogging about the Real World: Aniblogger Edition?

    I’m trying to think of something suitably hyperbolic, but I’ve just had a few beers. Forgive me.

    • The expression “dividing by zero” comes to mind 😛

  2. I’m going to RP with like 30 “chicks” tonight.

  3. Looks like I am going to have to take responsibility of my actions~

  4. Dave’s last tweet makes this shit soooo lol.

  5. […] is she still . . . […]

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