Silly Alexandra Wallace

Sticks and stones may break my bones
But words will never hurt me.

– Traditional

Silly bitch, your weapons cannot harm me!

The Juggernaut

Everyone keeps dithering over precisely how much we should condemn a girl for babbling something racist on YouTube. But what she did is, in a strange way, actually good for her as a person: this is a great opportunity for her to examine her views and decide whether or not she wants to change them, while she’s still young.

On the whole, it’s hardly a meritorious act, but how many skinheads wind up with a criminal record, or have to see friends die, before they ever reconsider their hatred? She’s getting this chance rather cheaply.  That she can do so is itself one of the merits of a tolerant society.


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    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  2. I’m having a seriously hard time making this feel real in my head. Between the gross ignorance of even the fact that there are different cultures from yours, to the characterization of Asia as a country, to “Americans don’t talk on cellphones in the library” to the Shaquille O’Neal CHING CHONG LING LONG TING TONG shit… it’s like a cartoon version of racism.

    But can you fix ignorance of this level? It’s so facepalm-inducing you have to wonder where to start. You know, with the political theories and arguments and stuff.

    • I bet that’s precisely how she managed to take classes in political science and yet never address her fundamental mode of thinking: you can’t really fight it with theories and elaborate arguments. You either get that these other people are really people, or you don’t.

      There is an argument out there that she isn’t serious, that she’s just trolling, but even if so, that just shows that she thinks it’s a good idea to joke about this. I’d argue that still shows a fundamental defect in her thinking where political science is concerned.

  3. As a child growing up in Jamaica back in the 60’s I was used to hearing illiterate school children mocking Chinese kids with their chin chong ting chong taunts. Now 50 years later and in one of the most progressive states and on one of the most recognized universities, it is indeed shocking to see this very same behavior.
    Miss Wallace you are not much better than an illiterate kid from a third world country from the 60’s.

  4. It is very painful for many of us because Ms. Wallace’s comments conjures up old and repressed memories of racial discrimination and inequalities against so many minorities. Ms. Wallace is only sorry because of the backlash she’s received. Ms. Wallace is not sorry about the people she has hurt or offended because she has never made an apology to the Asian community.

    Apparently living in Los Angeles, CA, attending a very diverse university, and being a Junior studying Political Science has not taught Ms. Wallace anything about diversity or the acceptance of other cultures.

    Political Science = public policy, diversity, behaviorism, interpretivism, international relationships, political behavior….. You see where I’m going with this? Dumb, ignorant, and racist hoping to get by on her looks. Check out her bikini spread at:

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