The difference between analysis and aficion

BakaBT submitted a post in which he began on one topic and ended on a tangentially related one.  This behavior is normal for personal blogging, but unacceptable in any sort of academic or professional context.  The ambitious beginning, for those who don’t care to click through, was:

Many people think that anime and cartoons are actually the same thing. I know that every person who will read this will most likely know how to distinguish, but I felt the urge to write this post to prove to all once and for all, that it’s normal to watch anime no matter how old you are.

Which inspired pointed criticism, like this tweet by sasuraiger: I am actually kind of stunned by how dumb this anime vs cartoons analysis is

and this one, from blubart, in BakaBT’s own comments section:

Your chain of arguments is flawed. Starting with your “thesis” that you want to “prove to all once and for all, that it’s normal to watch anime no matter how old you are . . . ” which you never bring any argument forth to support.

If he'd focused on chains, his audience would be more accepting.

It is, in all fairness, the promise of a deep analysis followed by a very superficial assessment (limited to a couple specific tendencies in artistic styles and character design.)  But where the post itself may fail to enlighten about the essential qualities of anime, the reactions of the readers tell us much about the expectations of people in the anime blogosphere.  It’s not merely passe, whimsical, or silly to promise an analysis and not deliver: it’s a deep failing.

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  1. I think people should do what they want and like, until it becomes a problem to other people. I think of anime as Japanese telefilms, because in some ways they’re similar. So, what’s strange in watching an anime?

    • The topic here is not anime per se, but whether or not it is acceptable to promise an analysis and not deliver.

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