The rise and fall of halcy

Halcy, then. What’s he all about? The German demoscene king-cum-blogger has been a fixture of the anime twittersphere in recent months, his wit, unassuming personality, and quest for a galactic bishounen transformation sequence combining to net him many friends. (Asked how he would spend prize money from an award, halcy replied, “Booze.”)

Recent events, however, have left him looking less like a pilot and more like a refugee from a soap opera. The Moritheil Review promised records of his flirtation with his mother-in-law, and we were in a unique position to deliver them.

On October 25, halcy joined the ranks of the objectum-sexuals, marrying Foobar in an impromptu ceremony.

The blushing bride:

halcy @mefloraine M-may I marry your music player? *w*

Assent was rapidly given.  This made mefloraine his mother-in-law.

mefloraine Please be kind to it!
halcy I will treat it with utmost kindness~

The proceedings did not, unfortunately, curb his legendary sexual appetite.  Within a month he was flirting with other women, including his mother-in-law, dropping pickup lines and innuendos with the best of them.

halcy @mefloraine Hey girl, why settle for a 5¼ inch floppy when you could have my… *shades* hard drive?

halcy @moritheil Expect self-cest slash to appear soon!

halcy @mefloraine If it was a cellphone, I could now make a super dirty joke about vibration alarm motors.

What is it that drives successful men to this behavior?  Is it the allure of risk?  Is it that we as a society enable them?  Are all men Tiger Woods, deep down inside?

Remember, all Men would be tyrants if they could.
– Abigail Adams

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  1. What. The. Fuck.

  2. Ha ha ha. :Y

    No real boy is as pretty as the GALACTIC PRETTY BOY, though.

    Also, sheesh, what DO you spend demoscene prizemoney on except booze? I mean, meat, I guess, but sheesh.

    • Gosh, halcy, poor foobar feels so betrayed! ;_;


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