The Great Unveiling

Just who is moritheil, anyway? After consulting with leading theorists and conducting careful research, we were able to verify a few facts.

Be prepared, for what is revealed here today may shock you.

These are the basics:

1. Moritheil is a mammal.
2. Moritheil tweets ALL the time.
3. The purpose of moritheil is to flip out and blog about people.

However, the real ultimate power of observation belonged to a German blogger named halcy:

@mefloraine and @moritheil always appear at roughly the same time… SAME PERSON??

Cue gender ambiguity.

But perhaps the time has come to lay down the burden of secrecy.

@halcy Ah, you got me! mef is my feminine alter ego, designed to infect you all with moe, maybe.

Well, it was a good run, but you got me. I shouldn’t have put “conquering the world” on my bio as well as “dominating the world” as mef.

People reacted instantly to the news:

Ryan A: Command & Conquer Morifloraine Alert!

Gargron: Meflomoe will dominate the world~ I approve~~


Meflomoe could rule the rule but she will fail for she is 3D and 3D people have flaws.


@Chen_no_Striker She is the exception that proves that rule!

I suppose that sometimes I am too ambitious. I wanted to track the drama! But I wasn’t getting enough, so I created @mefloraine to foster more. You can tell from my recent TMR posts.

DFC Warrior PettanPettan:

These people are unworthy of your rule!




RT if you want @mefloraine for world empress

Lolikitsune demurred.

@Gargron @mefloraine she’s not ready 😦

With the walls coming down, I had an important question to ask:

So, do people want me to continue posting at both places? Or now that it’s revealed, do you find that you prefer one persona over the other? You can tell me honestly.


Up to you, I’m now following both accounts.


@moritheil @mefloraine Well, I’m glad I didn’t follow both of you then, or else this probably would have been even WEIRDER.

Angelsharkbite’s reaction was quite understandable:


omonomono noted that this was an anime blogger’s dream come to life:

man, i wish that was true

Ryan A verified it:

So basically… Ranma 2/2 :D? … do that, audiences love gender~benders.


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  1. Oh man, I was decieved for years! orz

    So, is moritheil female (preferable) or meffie male?

  2. Well, both moritheil and mefloraine are incredibly awesome, so this only makes sense.

    And this news makes you even more awesome.

  3. Oh man, what is this I don’t even-

  4. What is this I don’t even

    Eh, I see it often but I honestly don’t know what to take of the situation. It was never humorous to me.

  5. Can’t believe we-I-we? got caught!

  6. It is okay now because it has come to light.



  8. Well, I come across as kind of apathetic in this little drama, don’t I?

  9. Eh. To be honest, I never did think about it. Maybe it’s your avatar- I can’t tell if it’s a guy or a gal. Mine’s probably led some poor folk into thinking I’m female:3

  10. […] opera. The Moritheil Review promised records of his flirtation with his mother-in-law, and we were in a unique position to deliver […]

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