Situational Homosexuality in Male Otaku

Allegations of situational homosexuality are surprisingly prevalent amongst male anime otaku, despite – or perhaps because of – stereotypical perceptions that they are infrequently involved in sexual activity. Let us examine one incident:

[read bottom to top]

Though this conversation could easily have gone various ways, some undercurrent of homoeroticism drove it towards open accusations of fellatio.  Is it the same undercurrent that compels men to laugh too loud when they declare they are “GAR for Archer” or to emphatically add, “No homo” to their statements?  Perhaps.

Consider now this alternate ending:

It is equally otaku-oriented, but focuses on the climbing aspect of the conversation rather than the oral sex.  However, which is more representative of the typical conversation amongst male otaku? I submit that it is the former.



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  1. Maybe Otaku are just more comfortable with the fact that practically everyone is bisexual, to a point.

    [haha, als ob; more like: Insecurity, same basic principle as in other super-manly groups, as beautifully illustrated here: ]

  2. Mmh delishus homolust

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Mori, 孫欧穏 and Glen Jones, Andy. Andy said: RT @moritheil: Situational Homosexuality in Male Otaku #TMR […]

  4. I know a lot of people who aren’t “otaku” but they still say profane things like “you’re a cock sucker” or “go suck a dick” etc, this kind of profanity is normal for everyone. I don’t think it has anything to do with Otaku

  5. Also, this Andy guy seems like a special case. Geez.

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