The Ides of Drama

Like the turning of clockwork, like grains of sand through an hourglass, like the succumbing of humanity to zombie plaguesdorama is inevitable, and its production continues.

Ed Sizemore weighed in on Chu-Bra with this:

Chu-Bra may be the paradigm shift that finally helps us understand how to live authentic lives in the 21st century. We can’t ignore it.

Which prompted this response:

Oh look. @edsizemore has discovered sarcasm. Someone give him a cookie.

Yuuka_Kazami went on a block rampage:

Pruning the followers list. Everyone who doesn’t interest me in the slightest will be instantly blocked. Goodbye to those people.

deviryuu ;__;

5camp discovered the joys of self-censorship:

That makes me sound like a rapist….

Fightbait demanded satisfaction:


Mefloraine wished she could quit Extrange.

I’m never greeting you again. orz

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  1. Drama isn’t taking it easy.

    Not taking it easy is bad, I think!

  2. /ragequits Extrange

  3. That tweet is from February! How long have you been holding that one?

    I mean really. I not exactly the most dorama filled guy but I’m sure somehwere in my…4238 tweets I’ve said far more dorama inducing things than that

    • I’ve gotta keep you guessing. Professional standards.

  4. Wait, wut? I’m lost O.o

    • It’s a Brokeback Mountain reference.

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