AniBlog Tourney sparks criticism

Mefloraine, 5camp, and rabbitpoets began an elimination tournament for 96 hand-picked anime blogs.  Characteristically (for the drama-laden blogosphere), this effort resulted in controversy and recriminations.  Perhaps the most heated criticism came at Kurogane’s blog and at NovaJinx.  Zaitcev briefly accused 5camp of desiring more traffic before retracting the statement.

“People” do not organize these things because they are “bored”. All it is, is a cynical scheme by Scamp to drive visits to his site, nothing more, nothing less. It has less with boredom and more with advertisement revenue.

Although, the current site is away from the CD and runs no ads. So, maybe he is bored after all.

Casval offered repeated criticisms of the tournament, centering on its failure to contact participants, which Kabitzin noted.

Kabitzin @5camp@rabbitpoets Comments on that post really opened my eyes to how hateful and quick to judge @kurogane_s and some of his readers are

Kabitzin Although at least @kurogane_s made sure to clear up the ad conspiracy theories

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  1. Aniblogosphere is it’s own drama anime.

    • That’s what I’ve been saying for a while now 😀

  2. I just love the smell of flaming in the morning.

  3. Didn’t realize mefloraine was behind the damned thing.

    • Why, lk, you’re not gonna get all mushy on me now are you?

    • Oh, you were just trolling me for fun then? Yippee!

      I think I’m like the ninja admin that no one seems to realize is a part of it…XD

      • That was sort of like my role when the Anime Blog Awards existed. 😛

  4. Sounds like idiots who wanted to hate it just because it sounded cool. Bastards.

  5. Oh godz the ‘possibly related’ post…

  6. Sounds like idiots who wanted to love it just because it sounded cool. Bastards.

  7. Wow, that related post really is…too coincidental. orz;;
    Some of those arguments were too ridiculous to even acknowledge…and will likely continue to be.

    But ya know, I like the tourney. I don’t really care about people trying to verbally bring it down.

  8. Why do people insist on making these sh*t tournaments anyway? It’s depressing. I mean, we already know how Saimoe ended up for the English-speaking community, not to mention ABA as a closer example. It’s all e-peen stroking and circlejerking.

    Grow up.

    • I like how you’re the one saying grow up when you’re the one insisting on ranting about a tournament that’s honestly just for fun.

    • Is this really Matthew? I’ve been seeing a few of these trollish comments attributed to him, but he rarely comments and I’ve never seen him write rude stuff like this.

      • Actually now that I look at it, it’s from “” – I take it that’s not his email address. Thanks for calling that out.

  9. To correct, there are two more ninjas helping on this, amusingly enough, myself, and Raph from Borderline Hikkomori. Which is great. None of us are getting pageviews out of it. I am posting about it, but I’m not getting a lot of hits on them post.

    The tourny is just for fun, and everyone getting their panties in a twist over it are taking it too seriously. It’s just for fun.

  10. Yeah I totally agree that it’s such bullshit. I didn’t even know I was in it until I started to get some hits to my page. I mean, I’m glad to be recognized somewhat but it’s just a stupid popularity contest.

    I say fuck this shit. I don’t really care, and I’m not going to be a loser and make an entry telling people to ZOMG vote 4 me!!!11! Like I see everyone else doing.

  11. Man, this is the best meta blog ever.

    • It’s a meta blog post about a meta blog!

      Thank you.

  12. My biggest regret is not hiring TMR as our PR agency.

  13. […] like the efforts of Scamp, meflo­raine, and RP are actu­ally com­ing off as very worth­while. The haters have entrenched them­selves far too deep in their own opin­ions to real­ize some­thing: the Aniblog Tour­ney is doing what […]

  14. That’s the way the cookie crumbles when it comes to Popularity contests. No matter how i see it, it’s just a popularity contest.

    It’s not that i have any problem with it, i just think that there are people who do find those things annoying. Then again, it feels like a competition as well, and I wanna see how far i can get. >_<

    • The question is, is there anything wrong with a popularity contest in general?

      • In some cases yes, especially when there are less popular people who just won’t get any votes, and those who do are just lucky. And regarding this thing, I was expecting to lose the tourney anyway, but seeing my own crushing defeat, I’ll just say this:

        Yeeeaaah, about the part of younger blogs getting a new light shone on, I kinda doubt that it’ll get’em new readers as a result. I mean, the whole purpose of VOTING, is to vote for what you like. If you don’t vote for it, You either don’t like it, or simply favor one over the other, and it’s usually the former that’s the reason. If a younger blog is getting crushed by an older blog, that simply means that the people don’t like the younger blog. Some people hate change and new things.

        I’m lucky I’m even getting readers of my damn blog at all, yet alone comments, and I should be happy i’ve been recognized to be put in this tourney.

        But to be owned that bad actually hurts people who get crushed that way. It’s probably a case of pride like me. Most people don’t even mind losing. I don’t mind losing. But it hurts pride when you lose so badly it makes your blog look pathetic.

  15. Behold this insane drama that got removed from AstroNerdBoy vs ěk-sěn’trĭk @ Aniblog Tourney

    Almost the whole thing there is one big drama, comments were shut down due to one of the mods being “personally distressed”.

    More here and here.

    Apparently Tenchi Muyo is still very serious business.

    • SRS BSNS indeed. Thanks for the heads up!

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