THAT trap hitched

Before Hideyoshi, before shinn87, before lolikitsune, people knew who you referred to when you said “that aniblogging trap.” Impz was the undisputed master of his craft, and across the globe, men and women alike openly pined for his soft touch.  His widely acknowledged sex appeal secured him an appearance in the RenAi Blogger visual novel and spawned the fan site Everyone’s Gay for Impz.

Now, however, Impz fans will no longer be able to entertain fantasies of a future with him.  Just hours ago in a post at THAT Anime Blog, Impz announced his marriage to otome gamer Thirteensugars. Thirteensugars’ blog entry on March 30th goes into further detail about the March 26 wedding, which took some of Impz’s own staff by surprise.

Fearful that the news would not be taken seriously, Impz deliberately delayed the announcement past April Fools’ Day.

Crusader indicated that not all of the THAT staff were able to be contacted in time:

Crusader here congrats, thanks for letting the rest of your blog slaves know… I didn’t know but I’ll try not to be bitter. I owe you guys a wedding gift, where is your registry and where do you want it sent? You have my email.

The Moritheil Review wishes Impz and Thirteensugars much happiness and joy.

EDIT: After Impz’s clarification, this article has been revised to show the correct date.  Thanks Impz!


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  1. Actually, the wedding happened on March 26th. Thanks for the congratulations, we will need all the moral support there is to make this wedding work ^_^

    • Corrected. Thanks!

  2. Technically, this wasn’t “before lolikitsune”—though it _was_ before digiboy proposed marriage. Thanks for alerting me to that, actually, as I hadn’t seen the post before.

    And really, DrmChsr0 was trying to fuck my brains out before Impz even started blogging XD

    • Well, your site says you started in ’06, whereas I found records of Impz’s extensive online presence in ’05. I’m not sure where your respective trap tendencies started, as there’s no good record of that.

      Duly noted!

      • Ah–if it’s useful historical fact for ya, then, I was aniblogging already in May 2005 (before notdotq, and long before THAT; needless to say, long before impz as a trap became a meme).

        Anyhizzle. Cheerio!

  3. What an amazing story. A commenter and a blogger. Hehe. That’s great. Although blogs do a lot to build relationships between people, be they romantic, or even just friendship.

    While I’ll never be a trap, I hope when I get married, I can break just as many hearts~ It’ll be awhile though. XD

    • I hope that unlike Impz and Thirteensugars, you’ll let us know in advance :P.

  4. Er, you hope to break hearts? gdiaf

    • It’s called being silly.

  5. Wonderful. Wonderful. Subarashii!!!

    I recently watched Takeshi Kitano’s TV show about romantic relationship in a virtual world.

    Trap was a lesson of pessimism in N.H.K., but wow, this is hope!

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