Accusations fly

I have avoided “the Janette issue” for some time, but in view of recent events, punctuated by this comment, I believe I must respond.

– Rakuen of Borderline Hikikomori

I regret nothing. I hope I get into The Moritheil Review.

– Janette of Black and Blue Socks

Why the drama?  The triggering incident that made it public was a comment here on this very site:

Many people have seen me rage about Rauken at Borderline Hikkomori, the main reason he’s managed to stalk me for two years and try to turn people I make friends with against me if he can. Even if he no longer is, I have no way of knowing for sure, due to the nature of the internet.

Rakuen posted a reply, claiming:

The only thing I have ever wanted is for the public harassment to stop.

Janette responded to Rakuen’s post:

I’m not sorry they feel harassed or tired of this. I think they are receiving what they deserve for this treatment. When you perform an action, there is a consequence. The consequence of my having a poorly timed breakdown and their close minded attitude was that I was removed. The consequence of this unfair removal was this.

Feuding is as old as writing – and perhaps equally unlikely to end.

Abner called out to Joab, “Must the sword devour forever? Don’t you realize that this will end in bitterness?”

2 Samuel 2:26

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  1. And hopes come true!

  2. Though to be fair, I did try to make up with CJ on multiple occasions, and she refused.

  3. Let the page views roll in!

    In all seriousness though, you’re pretty much on the money Moritheil. Feuds don’t die, they just simmer in a pot for a few weeks until someone accidentally turns the dial. It just takes a while to figure that the pot should just be taken off the burner to solve the problem. Of course, even doing that will get you burned since it’s been sitting on the fire for ages.

  4. Oh, I was wondering why Janette (o/) vanished from Borderline Hikikomori but never knew it until now. Sad story. 😦

  5. End story. Janette and Aaron make up. The personal war ends. CJ refuses to make nice. The Janette hates Borderline Hikkomori saga will continue.

    • End story. Janette and Aaron make up. The personal war ends.


      Maybe Moritheil should start up a mediator service. 😉

      • He can market it as the knock heads together method. There’s a lot of money to be made here. We’re talking more than single digits! 😉

  6. Somehow I wish this was just an April Fool’s joke…

  7. […] quitting.  CJ Blackwing, the aniblogger behind the ABC civil war, more recently entangled in the Janette-Rakuen dispute, has announced her retirement.  Panther, faction leader in the Oppai War, is questioning his place […]

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