Rage against the gundam pilot

Not content to war with fansubbers, moe-haters, and ANN, the proprietor of Anime Almanac has turned his sights on another source of drama.

animealmanac Seriously, as much as Scott Spaziani talks smack about me online, HE’S BEEN MY MOST LOYAL READER FOR YEARS! It’s kind of sad, really. (-_-)

animealmanac Well now I’m totally calling him out by name for being the pathetic stalker loser that he is. Scott Spaziani is my stalker.

He explains that this is part of a policy:

My policy is that if someone says something to me that makes me want to tell them to go f’ themselves, I block them.  So basically if a person is rude and insults me. Life’s too short to have to deal with that kind of crap online.

So, is it working?  Has this saved VonSchilling time and resulted in peace of mind?

animealmanac No, it’s actually stalking. The trolling is the stuff he writes about online. The stalking is the fact HE FOLLOWS ME EVERYWHERE!

animealmanac And it really creeps me out too. If I could get some restraining order for online stalking, I would.

animealmanac It’s going to end with either a restraining order to a punch to that guy’s face, because there’s nothing “petty” about him.

animealmanac No way. I hate the stalking bastard. I’m not going to the reward him by letting him be my friend again.

VonSchilling further likened himself to a harassed ex-girlfriend, in a twist that trap-lovers and fujoshi will doubtless find interesting:

animealmanac “I broke up with my boyfriend, but he keeps on following me everywhere and leaving creepy messages on my answering me.”

animealmanac “Here’s a suggestion, why don’t you give him another chance? Just one more date. Sure he’s a stalker, but maybe he’s not so bad.”

animealmanac I broke up with him. It’s over. Scott Spaziani needs to move on and STOP STALKING ME.

animealmanac Why do I have to give in to his wishes? Why can’t he leave me alone and move on?

Gundampilotspaz, for his part, expressed amusement:

Gundampilotspaz I think I might have broken @animealmanac. All I really did was mention him on twitter and my podcast a few times…

Gundampilotspaz My life’s work is complete. I’m just going to lie here for a while.

Perhaps it’s natural that a man involved in so much drama would cause many to have strong opinions about him.  Zaitcev, for instance, previously commented on this site:

Scott VonSchilling has an enormous talent for fail.

Is anyone safe from the Almanac-wielder’s rage?  Whom will he call out next?

animealmanac @kyonkun Well, keep yourself in check, cause you’re not on my good side.

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  1. I wasn’t aware anyone actually read what he wrote due to the fact none of his posts have any comments

  2. Heh. I do have to agree with wishing there was a restraining order for online stalking. Many people have seen me rage about Rauken at Borderline Hikkomori, the main reason he’s managed to stalk me for two years and try to turn people I make friends with against me if he can. Even if he no longer is, I have no way of knowing for sure, due to the nature of the internet.

    So honestly? Even if he is a dramamonger, is he honestly feels harassed, well, speaking from my experience with it, I feel sorry for him. Even if he’s overreacting, when you feel threatened, it turns you into a neurotic wreck, and is just not pleasant. I think ‘stalking’ is more harmful then people realize.

    On the flip side, the seriousness of stalking, if he’s making a big deal, and that person really isn’t stalking and he wants attention, that’s just not cool.

  3. zaitcev’s talent for reductionism, for once, will work just fine here.

    I think Spaziani’s problem is this:

    My policy is that if someone says something to me that I disagree with, I block them. So basically if a person has facts that support a counter-argument to my own. Life’s too short to have to have my narrow picture of reality broadened by people online.


  4. Haha! I got the “You’re not on my good side” warning too (actually, I think I was on the shit list). Then I was arguing sensibly with him and the self-aggrandizing jackass blocked me. I was liberated. I could feel the weight of idiocy being lifted from my shoulders. Twitter became only half as pointless as it usually was for me.

  5. I wear my block like a badge of honor. I BADGE OF HONOR, I SAY.

    I was actually shocked to discover some of the company I sahre though in this blocked-ness. Some extremely professional, level-headed and respected people recently revealed to me that they had also been so spurned. I think the guy needs to take a step back from hid ego at times.

  6. I want to state first and foremost that Scott is a great guy in person, and I’ve enjoyed every real-life interaction I’ve ever had with him.

    But if you can’t take the heat, don’t post flamebait on the Internet. It’s really that simple. 🙂

    • i’m sure if he could block me in real life, he’d do it.

      • I guess.. he is a great guy if he doesn’t ignore you.. but man I wonder what other people who I lurk around on the net silently would react? That’s now the net is..

      • I still think that one that there are sometimes better things to do, than listen to a person promo himself.. but then that would be calling the kettle black then. Still if he can block the person block the person then. Airing out laundry like that is bound to be examined with pros and cons.

  7. There’s no doubt he has a huge ego. Heck, I think he knows this and takes huge, HUGE pride on it, which… Only boosts his own ego even more.
    It’s like a perpetual motion machine, but instead of moving, it generates CONTINUOUS SELF-AGGRANDIZATION.
    Of course he has to block people, otherwise it could hurt the aforementioned cycle.
    The sad thing is, take all the ego away, and he’s actually a pretty nice guy.
    Of course, it’s not all bad… It’s thanks to him (And the Reverse Thieves) that I started following the other Scott (Spaziani) and Tim Maughan.
    ^ w ^

  8. Why do people like him never die young?

  9. for fucks sake you people are assholes

  10. […] the drama?  The triggering incident that made it public was a comment here on this very site: Many people have seen me rage about Rauken at Borderline Hikkomori, the main reason he’s managed […]

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