Mefloraine’s Movable Feast

It’s been suggested that Twitter is a hotbed of debauchery.  And really, with certain quotes, it might not be hard to believe that.

mefloraine Throw a party and divide me up for the guests!?  =D

mefloraine I just realized that “Nice pantsu.  They look natural.” is a really awkward comment out of context.  =D

mefloraine Boxers are sexy in a different way.  =D

All is right with the world.

Is this part of a swinging scheme?  Does she turn suitors down so she can pursue her omnivorous ways?

As it turns out, there’s another explanation.  Fittingly for the aniblogosphere, the truth is even stranger:

mefloraine @53RG10 My flesh is made of cake!

53RG10 @mefloraine : NOOOOOOOOO!!! THEN YOU ARE A LIE!!! ;_;

mefloraine @53RG10 But I’m delicious!  ;A;

53RG10 @mefloraine : This is going in a direction that will make me weird…

Some might suggest the conversation had already gone beyond that point.

xau @mefloraine Me wants some too

mefloraine @xau Throw a party and divide me up for the guests!?  =D

53RG10 @mefloraine : And now you’re offering yourself up to everyone…ARE YOU REBELLING NOW!

mefloraine @Jesus159159159 Now I feel guilty again.  xD

mefloraine @53RG10 I AM A REBEL.  FEAR MEEEEE.

Mefloraine of the Rebellion.

[00:24] Panther> She is going out.
[00:24] Panther> To let others see her shimapan.
[00:24] Feidamu-san> w
[00:24] mefloraine> orz
[00:24] Feidamu-san> freakin’ exhibitionist
[00:25] Panther> No no she acts like it is ACCIDENTAL
[00:25] Panther> But she secretly enjoys it.
[00:25] Feidamu-san> w
[00:25] mefloraine> xD Lies!


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  1. … Omnivorous?

    • Sexually omnivorous. You’re not familiar with the phrase?

      • In fact, I’m not. Teach me, Mori-sensei?

        Or should I just go Google it. 😛

  2. Heyyyyyy. Our of context quoting is unfair! (Even though those tweets were weird to being with. orz)

    • Oh yeah, and I didn’t turn down a suitor…I just turned down the entire harem instead!

      And that @J159 tweet of mine and the linked tweet don’t match up. 😉

      • Thus, “suitors.” But thanks for catching it.

        I highly doubt anyone is going to take this seriously 😛

  3. Check out this load of paranoid right-wing BS, blaming “progressives” for FUNimation’s Dance in the Vampire Bund editing decision. Might want to feature it.

  4. Nyotaimori much, mefloraine?

    • …orz!

  5. […] Once again, Mefloraine showed why she is the moe-moe darling of so much of the blogosphere. @7thwraith […]

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