Holy War

Have you ever fought to protect what is right?

Have you ever known something to be so good and pure that it was worth sacrificing for?

For one man and his followers, the answer is yes.  And that thing worth protecting . . . is breasts.

pantherrh Calling for all Boob Warriors on Twitter, unite! We will beat down these insidious DFC lovers!

pantherrh Time for THE CHEST WARS! RT if you care/want to join! – http://bit.ly/cHkgoU

This call to action galvanized the Twitter community.  Battle lines were drawn.  Embattled lolicon shinn87 was quick to point out the uneven nature of the fight:

shinn87 All you have to do is cower behind the conformists, so it’s not a fair fight.

drmchsr0 @shinn87 No shinn, it means you need a massive TIT infusion.

Aspergers was also quick to take a stand – perhaps the first of many.

Brave warriors, you hold the future in your hands.

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  2. …The Fuck?

    Now I’m in the Review TWICE.

    This is way more surreal than Conan O’Brien’s non-existent Twitter account.

  3. Some sort of elaborate trap to make me voice my opinion so that the Australia government will come after me.

    • Hiding behind supposed fear of government in order not to get himself banned. Pffft. This is not the Shin I know.

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  6. delicious fat chest is only a l away from delicious flat chest.

  7. As I wrote last time, needs more bakunyuu ondo


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