Chocolate Syrupy Rape

Two posts on Chocolate Syrupy Waffles drew the attention and wrath of voice actors Liam O’Brien and Stephanie Sheh. The posts were meant to poke fun at a Sheh fanboy with a bizarre plan to take her on a date. However, the poll CSW made to accompany them, which made references to raping her, was noted with alarm.

stephaniesheh Is rethinking googlealerts after discovering a poll bout whethr u’d support my rape

This is Steph’s voice actor friend, Liam O’Brien. And if anyone looks at Stepanie the wrong way, I will beat them with my microphone, then the baseball bat I keep under my bed, and then the crutches I’ve been walking around on.

For the record.

Eventually JubbzJW of CSW talked to them, and the air was cleared.

stephaniesheh talked to rapepoll bloggers, it was meant as a joke, people can put down their pitchforks now.

VoiceOfOBrien @stephaniesheh “out of hatred for this bitch” is not that fucking funny…


JubbzJW considered the affair a crowning affirmation of relevance.

If this comment Really IS from Liam O’Brien, then Ladies and Gents… we’ve made another achievement.

We could prolly become the TMZ of anime voice actors.


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  1. lmao Oh shit XD We gonna be famous


  2. I for one hardly support the sexual exploitation of voice actors.

    They’re people too, and I hardly think said voice actor deserves to have her feelings hurt by a stupid poll even if it was a joke.

    Somebody ought to create a Rapewoman character as a sidekick to Rapeman to show serial sex offenders WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO FEEL WRONG INSIDE WHEN YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT… *SOB* WHAT HAPPENED IN THAT DARK ALLEY…

    • geez. Touchy touchy aren’t we

      • Umm…there’s a limit to this where you draw the line. Then it’s just plain ignorance, sorry Jubbz.

        Have to 1 Moritheil on this one…

  3. Fucking epic, even if anything and evreything involving dub voice actors is automatic shit.

  4. This is quite fucked up, no matter how epic it is.

    Suggesting rape, even if it’s anal rape, is not funny when you’re at the receiving end of it.

  5. But I quite honestly don’t understand people who make rape jokes about real, actual people. I mean, is that supposed to be funny, scaring someone to death?

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  7. […] In AD 2012, war was beginning. I don’t want to be an asshole, but closing CSW’s poll simply because we have a influx compared to the other blogs is a direct attack at not only my pride but at our viewership. If I do not get an apology, I will cause CSW’s army to spam and raid various anime blog sites. Apologies, but this has gone far enough. – AvuKamu (SPIRAL of Chocolate Syrupy Waffles) […]

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