Springtime for Moe

Dear Haruhi-sama,

Moe debates are the Godwin’s Law of anime.  Please look kindly upon the poor blogging masses and forgive us our doubt.

janaiblog Dear God, another fucking moe debate is a-brewing. Signing off.

Gundampilotspaz Guys it’s too early for a Moe debate.

TheLostHorizon There’s a moe debate going on?  What is being debated? The standard “moe is ruining anime” debate?

nightdreamer any chances this thing about moe debates involve that Colony Drop site?

Thedigitalbug Moe is ruining our lives. Discuss. j/k

jlskun I’m watching K-On!! against my better judgment. Shoot me now and put me out of my misery.

timmaughan @moritheil @janaiblog @Gundampilotspaz I’m not taking the blame for this one, I was asked a direct question by @TheGinachu. BLAME HER.

TheGinachu @janaiblog @timmaughan DON’T BLAME ME! LOL I was just adding to the conversation. I said nothing negative about moe.

As if that were not enough, the true, horrifying form of the abyss was synthesized by halcy:  part Godwin’s Law, part moe debate, all atrocity.

@moritheil You know who else thought that Yui was more moe than Mio? That’s right. HITLER.


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  1. Moe is ruining anime is ruining the blogosphere.

  2. “GOTCHA! – The ABC”

    I freaking knew it! When you think of the ABC, you think of ABC2 which is one of the only free to air channels in Australia that shows anime in public broadcast. When you think of people who watch anime on ABC2, you think of cute-loving hipsters and manly show fanboys.

    ABC stands for Australian Broadcasting Corporation. At least I think so. But what is inside that acronym?

    Australian Broadcasting Corp. -> Australian Big-Eyed Cartoon-Center…


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