A Cold War continues

The battle to define the heart and soul of Greg Ayres has brought the proprietors of Anime News Network and Anime Almanac into conflict once again.  For all that Zac Bertschy counts Ayres as a friend and Scott VonSchilling credits him as an inspiration, the subject is one of bitter dissension for the two men.

animealmanac In today’s post, I show how Greg hasn’t really lost his edge when it comes to controversy.

animealmanac For the record, I don’t agree with Ayers on what he says about (most likely) ANN. I think that ANN should have not pulled his story at all.

The article at Anime Almanac says of Mr. Ayres:

He was highly critical of an unnamed anime news publication, who Ayers described as “the Enquirer of the anime world,” for the way they handled his heart attack story. The publication was one of the first to report on the news of the heart attack, but they had removed it when Ayer’s family requested privacy. However, the media outlet then threatened to repost the article within a few days if the Ayers didn’t comply with an official statement himself.

SXAniMedia I’m curious though, was Greg’s use of the word “threatened” his or a paraphrase. That word makes ANN sound unsavory.

ANNZac We consider Greg a friend and his family asked us, so we yanked it. We’re not TMZ over here.

ANNZac Scott likes to try and make us look bad. Par for the course. I don’t care about that, but I do want to make sure that what went down in regards to that, esp. if Greg’s talking about it at con panels, is out there and not obscured.

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  1. Scott VonSchilling has an enormous talent for fail. The pathetic way he’s trying to pour petrol on this fire is only the latest intallment. I sort of hoped that his recent shift to reviews would mark a new start for him, but apparently not.


    Also, while we all agree Scott is a terrible, attention-seeking human being (and we might as well lump Zac in this category as well, all things considered), we all have to conseider that Author has the same talent too. He just keeps it in under 200 words.

    Greg Ayres needs a slap to the face, preferably by Buzz Aldrin for being an idiot.

  3. […] much drama would cause many to have strong opinions about him.  Zaitcev, for instance, previously commented on this site: Scott VonSchilling has an enormous talent for […]

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