Truth is stranger than moe

There is no lack of requests to feature people on TMR, but generally those requests don’t originate from the person in question.  Also, they generally don’t involve 4chan threads.

JacobMartin @moritheil: Could you help me out here, 4chan won’t believe I’m not trolling:

JacobMartin @moritheil: It’s not that they think I’m a troll that offends me, they think I’m ALWAYS trolling. Feature this on your dorama site please.

Listen, I’m not shitting you about this. But I feel bad that in Year 8 this girl I used to really like but who made fun of me made a childhood promise that if I got three basketball hoops in, she’d marry me.

It gets more interesting when I mention that I delivered said b-ball hoops. She was humiliated in front of her friends who were using this girl to bully me, and ever since I’ve felt bad because I’ve never really talked to her after that since I moved schools and she never replies to my IMs even though she claims to be online.

She’s one of those girls who would be what used to be a female version of me, very passive in getting what she wants and not talking to people much/feeling sorry for herself.

I’m no creep, and I’m not going to hold her responsible for a childhood promise she made at an impressionable junior high age just because I want some kind of anime romance RL story. I mean childhood promises in real life are freaking rare, but I’m not willing to put myself through a lot of crap for a girl who probably doesn’t like me.

And yet I’d feel bad for telling her that the “wedding is off” even though we never dated, because I feel sorry for her. The idea that she’s lonely somewhere breaks my heart, because I know how it feels. All the same, she had her chance and I don’t want to feel responsible for her actions.


Anonymous 02/17/10(Wed)05:00 No.356634
Wait wait wait, university? So you are in your 20s?

Holy shit, you are autistic.

>>     Anonymous 02/17/10(Wed)05:03 No.356649
I turned twenty years old in January. And yes, diagnosed by a doctor. One of the main reasons she and her friends bullied me was because of the results of said diagnosis.

>>     Anonymous 02/17/10(Wed)05:04 No.356655
Alright, I’m out. Pretty good troll, got me.

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