Springtime for nyoronyolo

As winter faded and February 14th approached, our hero was deep in the throes of denial.  Love?  3D girls?  An otaku cares not for these things.

nyoronyolo stop spamming me about Valentine’s because I don’t fucking care about it – o –

And yet fate decreed that nyoronyolo would not remain in his self-imposed solitude.  Who should approach now, but one of those girls?

Pralyn @nyoronyolo Valentines’s Valentines’s Valentines’s Valentines’s Valentines’s Valentines’s ;D

Some inexplicable figment, some ineluctable quality of her repeated pleas kindled a spark in his heart.  “Chance!” thought the otaku blogger. Swiftly, his deft fingers framed a response:

nyoronyolo @Pralyn take responsibility for this and go out with me then~

Alas, it was not to be.  The spark of hope, so new and fresh, was stamped out by the iron boot of derision.

Pralyn @nyoronyolo Rofl… no.

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  1. XDDD
    Good one heh :p

    (I love my almost-everyday banters with miss Pralyn, perfect example of them)

  2. Ahah xD
    Perfect, simply perfect.

  3. I need to make more Platonic Valentines with pics of Plato on them to give to my friends. I made 30 bucks selling them one year.

    Happy Valentine’s Day for special people, I know mine will probably be lonely as hell.

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