Colonies and Old Lace

In the midst of an argument with Sparkthatbled over the meaning of Akiba, Ben of Colony Drop suggests that CD is on a mission of mercy:

Even if they are a vocal minority, the airheaded young twits like the ill-fated Koji Oe who have come to lose themselves in the often-creepy delights of Akiba and similar anime/manga-subcultural indulgences to forget what miserable, immature people they actually are. For the young punks like these, I think, a little invective from old grumps like Sean is not only healthy, but to some degree necessary.

Aspiring to be something other than miserable and immature is apparently a no-no.  Colony Drop, then, are angels of mercy, descending from the heavens to put an end to any ill-conceived notions of empowerment, hope, or self-worth.

Submit to the scolding of your betters, or they will drop a colony on you.

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  1. oh my, I dunno, maybe I can’t relate to the article.. but for an off-topic comment; I wonder if there’s going to be a 2nd season of Pumpkin Scissors? 😀

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Mori, sparkthatbled. sparkthatbled said: @colonydrop Yeah, I'll second that motion! […]

  3. […] in earnest, it’s also clear that a great deal of the time he was not, and people often had difficulty distinguishing the two. As I previously wrote: Koji Oe’s farcical lines, “Get back in the kitchen,” and so […]

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