Twelve Dramatists that defined 2009

By Emma Vieceli

1.  Equality Now – Also known as “Rage Against Eroge,” the feminist organization set off a campaign that precipitated questionable legal revisions across the globe, including a proposed act in the UK, a new law in the Phillippines that failed to distinguish between hentai and other forms of anime, and a new set of voluntary restrictions in Japan itselfChilling effects were seen in the US as well.

Presumably legitimate businesses were far more important targets than actual criminals, as it took months for EN to go back to things like attempting to bring justice to rapists.

2.  The FCC – Taking a step closer to its future role as the GOTT, the FCC proposed sweeping changes to blogging, and the huddled masses could do naught but obey.

3.  Kyoto Animation – With the infamous Endless Eight arc, Haruhiists were forced to cry, “Why have you forsaken us?”  “Kyon-kun denwa” became a hissing, a byword, and a song. At least some took comfort in it:

At last I decided to take the pettan song, @moritheil‘s ‘Kyon-kun, denwa,’ some public So-called videos, and an @Anime3000 podcast ep

4.  Yutaka Yamamoto – With his apology for Endless Eight and sniping at what he felt were undesirable trends in anime, Yamamoto secured infamy for himself in 2009.

5. Colony Drop – Their trolling ranged across the blogosphere, provoking wars with the likes of Plot Shield and ANN.  Individual members managed cameos in even the most unlikely situations.

6. Shinn87 – While other fans have also wished they were lolis, none have exhibited Shinn’s relentless dedication to making his views known.

7. Otaku Elimination Game – Whether you reacted to them with love, hate, amusement, or scorn, there’s no denying that OEG made a big splash this year in the anime blogosphere.

8.  WildarmsheeroLike a cook, WAH kept the pot of drama simmering, though it occasionally boiled over.

9.  Koji Oe – At great personal cost, he kept it real.

10. Yamila Abraham – The proprietor of Yaoi Press kept a cool head even as rumors flew on Twitter.  Her twitter feed combined stark professionalism with . . . somewhat less than stark professionalism.

Is ‘passage’ an acceptable word to use for a guy’s bum hole in erotic writing?

11. Michael Pinto – Well known for his different takes on events that often cast light on issues that threatened to slip into obscurity, the proprietor of maintained a dignified status as mentor to up-and-coming sites.  Most recently, he was called out for his rampant fanboying.

12. Extrange – Known for his ability to devour volumes of manga in one sitting, Extrange found time to war with Crusader and compare his life to a shoujo game.

Truly, we give thanks for our dorama generators, for without them, the anime blogosphere would be a much more boring place.

Credit to CCY for starting the “12 moments in anime” movement.

Disagree?  List your own top twelve below!

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  1. Lol my class trip preparations contributed to a dorama~ But it was a nice song and good lulz

  2. I fear this will return to haunt me.

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