Otaku don’t fit into polite society, film at 11

Everybody rages against international anime otaku.


Every other phrase they uttered was some stupid Internet meme like “It’s a trap!” which they wouldn’t even use in context. One of the members – a guy with a really shrill voice who would always shout when he spoke – would tell what I assumed was supposed to be a joke, and when nobody responded, he would scream “Why doesn’t anyone get my references?!”

Boku no Bible Toads, Go To Anime Club, They Said

These shows aren’t made for you–they’re made for Japanese people. As such, shows just may be steeped in varying degrees of cultural quirks you may not understand . . . The issue here is that people are scared of what they don’t understand. Even offended. This isn’t the show’s fault–it’s yours.

-WAH, Don’t Get Mad at Your Japanese Cartoon

It really bothers me too when in artist alleys, some artists instead of displaying the work they are passionate about, they display/sell shit to pander to otaku. I suppose they gotta make money but the fact that they pander to such retarded hobbies is what bothers me.

– hinano, This Is Why Anime Fans Are Hated

So that doesn’t surprise me.

It’s a self-indulgent, hedonistic fandom, no matter how much we try to be intellectuals about it.

– yours truly, Postmodernism in Anime Fandom.

What gets me every time is how new it inevitably seems to the person raging.

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  1. We just can’t stay put, shut up, and just watch/read/play the media, can we?

    • You’re new here, aren’t you? 😉

      This is what moritheil *does*, talk about fandom.

  2. What gets me is that it’s often a group of people with little to no social skills being bashed by another group of people with a different version of little to no social skills.

    • Zing!

  3. This is the sound of innocence being shattered, I guess?

    • Yes but does it have to be so LOUD?

  4. Just laugh at the ignorant fools. As if all fandom wasn’t self-indulgent. “Self-indulgent” is a self-indulgent way of criticizing someone whose indulgences aren’t yours.

    But I don’t really believe in intellectualizing about animanga. It’s popular fiction, like a TV drama or a Stephen King novel. Intellectualizing about any of these things is a bit ridiculous. They are entertainment.

    As for being dismayed that artists display things that will sell, rather than the things they themselves like best, how is this different from the rest of the real world?

    On the other hand, it is also reasonable that people will not be very interested in memes they don’t know, so you have to gauge your audience before you speak. And if you don’t want to have to do that, you’d better get another hobby.

  5. I hear you. But at the same time, it must be understood that an American person who likes Japanese productions is akin to a British person that loves Independent French films. There’s nothing wrong with that… but it shouldn’t surprise anyone that this isn’t the norm. I love Bakemonogatari, but I wouldn’t dream of telling a joke based on that unless I was surrounded by hardcore anime fans. Context (and thus environment) are everything. 🙂

  6. Great .. great topic. I am going to write about it too.

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