Play nice

I’ve discovered something I don’t really like about being an adult: the need to moderate people who are childish.

resounding justice

At another blog (not Anime Diet), someone put up a rather graphic post accusing US soldiers of raping women in Iraq.  An individual we shall call “S” responded by attacking her and calling her anti-American.

This struck me as rather beside the point.  If rapes are happening, the proper fix is to court martial those responsible and get rid of the problem, not lash out at the messenger.  In a matter of jurisprudence, whether or not the person who accuses has an agenda is secondary to whether or not the accusation is actually true.

As it happened, a photographer quickly let me know that it was a hoax, so I posted an entry explaining that while this was a convincing story because it played upon our Vietnam-fueled fears (and thousands of years of rape accompanying war.) S showed up yelling, “NOW DON’T YOU FEEL STUPID?”

This was entirely tactless, and would serve no purpose, so I deleted it.

On the one hand, he’s right that it factually did not occur, but on the other hand, I feel like his gross inability to treat people with respect negates happening to be right.

The original poster had put it in the historical context of rape accompanying war, which is unfortunately true as a general historical argument. It was not true in this instance.

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