In which digiwombat is tsun-tsun and Moritheil gets yelled at.

One could say that in terms of the original purpose of The Moritheil Review, I am set.  Nowadays there is far more dorama than I can report; I merely log on to Twitter and people provide me with fodder for my articles.

I passed on this article on a racist judge in the American South:

Good morning. It’s 2009 and racism continues. #law #politics #america

Immediately, digiwombat fired back:

OH NO! Next you’ll tell me individual sexism continues! WOE BE THE WORLD! The response is more important than the story isn’t it?

I was a little leery of talking to one whose first response to a discussion of racism was to basically roll his eyes and snort in indignation.  I don’t know about this talk of “the response” vs. “the story,” but it sounded a little like he disbelieved that racism was a real problem.  Digiwombat is a fellow reviewer [warning: site brazenly NSFW] so  I figured it would be rude to not respond.

Since racism is defined as making a decision based on race, the judge is basically arguing that 1 != 1.

He wasn’t happy with that. According to him, because I mentioned a racist incident on twitter, I was an “alarmist” for talking about race:

Nope. I’m just saying that you’re the sort of alarmist that takes one illegal action and turns them into proof of an epidemic.

Oddly, I never suggested racism is at present an “epidemic” (his term, not mine.)  If he feels that way, it’s probably a history of slavery, lynchings, and racially-motivated intimidation in the American South that made the association – not me.

At this point I figured digiwombat just woke up on the cranky side of bed, and I was ready to write the whole thing off with an explanation, but no, he continued:

Likewise, I feel you’re the sort of person who things only whites are capable for racism. I’m sure you’ll deny it right now.

Of course I disputed that, because I’d already gone on record in this very blog talking about Japanese racism.


Facts didn’t matter much, though, as he changed his argument completely so he could press the attack:

Yeah, did you do one about Korean racism? Black racism? Let me rephrase. You think only a majority can be racist.

Astonishing inferences. I don’t write about black culture or Korean culture at all.  I write about anime, which means I write about Japanese culture, and since I live in the West I also talk about Western culture and the way it influences my perceptions (it’s inescapable.) I haven’t said anything one way or another about other forms of racism, but apparently this is sufficient to lump me in with conspirators of some sort.

I pointed this out to him:

Just because I don’t talk about something automatically means I don’t think it exists?

Also, we were getting far afield of the original topic:

Dude, you think it’s okay that racism exists?

Apparently, in limited form, the answer was yes:

That’d be a gross over simplification of my thoughts on racism. Still it’s far lower than it’s ever been and getting better daily


I don’t know about you, gentle reader, but to me that seems to kind of miss the point. Reflexively dismissing and/or attacking with wild accusations anyone who so much as mentions racism is just weird.  What am I supposed to make of hypersensitivity to the topic? Having someone come down on you for talking about racism can only discourage future talk of racism. Does squelching all talk about racism lead somewhere good?  Is racism a “done deal” if you agree that there are still racists out there?

Fasalina wore her usual look of incredulity:

man what is with you two

Rainbowsphere had the reaction I would normally have:

Oshit Twitter dorama.

I couldn’t help but remember the last time Fasalina put us together:

Slashfic of mori 2, go! RT @Fasalina: Suddenly the air is thick with tension between @moritheil and @digiwombat, and I’m in the middle. ;_;

and so:

Alternatively, we’re secretly fighting over you 😛  Go with whichever interpretation is more entertaining.

As if prophecying this entire exchange, narutakiRT foretold:

Your gut reaction isn’t always the one you should share with the world.

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