Art imitating life imitating art

Extrange started it:

-.- I swear I’ll go mad because of childhood friend/pseudo sis…. It’s not fair when you use indian tunics with big cleavage….

Canon2D posted a loli calamity:

I’ve been told that I’m going to a swimming party with my middle school cousin and up to 10 of her friends. This may be dangerous.


Undeterred, Extrange continued:

My life is a fucking shoujo. Where’s my Pseudo Sis/Childhood Friend Path Flag?

Speaking of paths, ETERNAL followed the path of the meta:

@Canon2D First @Extrange and now you? Something is very, very wrong with the world 0_o Come to think of it, @moritheil should be compiling one of his Twitter dorama blog posts on this 😛

That’s right. You know something is wrong with the world when instead of social commentary, our instinctive response is, “Whose blog does this belong on?”

Canon2D’s loli friends proceeded to get comfortable:

A conversation between friends: “Watching Saki makes me want to try mahjong.” / “Weird, I figured it would make you want to try lesbianism.”

The man himself then clarified:

I think @jeffalopolis was the only one to get it right re: the dangers of middle school girls 😉 I just -had- to word it the ambiguous way

Yuri was not the only genre represented! Owen_s curled up to ghostlightning:

LOLOLOL post-coitus more like afterglow amirite. I didn’t realise you were the cuddling type!

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  1. Mixing real life/art: oh so dangerous.

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