A Meta Revelation

My friends, I have seen the light.  For so much of my life, I have been going about things all wrong. Is this about my reviewing, my demeanor, or even my progress through life?  No, today I speak of a loftier topic, an activity with much higher stakes.

I have been commenting incorrectly on the Internet.


Comments don’t need to be clever, or incisive, or funny.  Instead, they need to prove a point.  What point?  Well, some might believe that the point of your comments should be determined by the situation, on a case-by-case basis.  However, those people are fools.  Comments obviously just need to affirm your own point, as your own opinions are all that matter in the world.

Fact-checking?  No, facts are for the weak and the infirm.  You, the superior commenter, will plant yourself like a cancerous growth beside the post that offends you, and tell the world, “No, I will not move.  You move!”


No topic is indefensible for one of your fiery determination.  Rape added to a storyline for nothing more than shock value?  No problem! Your defense will be, “But it only happened a bit!”  If they press further, attempt to confuse the issue by insisting that all characters are clearly “underage and willing,” even though that isn’t the case.

Brush off any concerns!  If you close your eyes and stop your ears, and repeat loudly, “I can’t hear you,” they can’t make you agree with the facts!  For bonus points, demonstrate a manifest lack of understanding of what the issue actually entails – if you refuse to believe that a lack of consent means rape, and persist in your ignorance, people trying to explain it to you will get frustrated and go away!  Then you win! Not giving a damn about victims has worked for society for thousands of years; why shouldn’t you let it work for you?

Thank you, Anonymous.  Thank you for sharing with us your dazzling techniques, your indomitable will, your matchless eloquence.  Truly, we are better for the experience.

Amen, hallelujah, peanut butter.

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  1. Switching from right-to-left for panel 1 to left-to-right for panel 2 was more disorienting for my eyes than it should have been. o_O

    S/he who gets the last word is obviously correct. OBVIOUSLY.

  2. Wait, panel 1 is different now. My comment no longer makes sense! Oh well, if I get the last word I’m still correct.

    • In line with my new appreciation of comment-fu, I will say this: only weaklings demand consistency! 😛

  3. まさに三猿だ。

    The three wise anons.

  4. Truthiness was the first thing I thought of when I was reading this, and combined with anonymity means never having to admit you are wrong.

    On the original topic, the use of rape in Yomeiro Choice could just be considered cultural differences and I think it might be worth asking why it can be used so readily. The response to the rape from anon might have been different if the character involved were female. Cross-cultural double standards I guess.

  5. Awesome! Would it be ok for me to reference this post whenever I am attacked by a troll. It is by far the best description of that type so far.


  6. My tip? Click Delete Comment. It’s your site, too.

    • Thanks. This one begged for a more thorough response, but in the future, I’ll definitely keep that in mind.

      • People use the internet to say things to strangers around the world. These things would get them punched in the face, expelled, or (at least) laughed at if they were said in realspace to a nearby party.

        While allowing anonymous comments does help everyone get into the action, requiring people to register to post may act as a “crap filter” to some degree.

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