In Nomine Effeminatus

The Fool asks,

Is there any regulations on what should be allowed to put down? If that is the case, who should decide? In the case with visual novels and them having lolis in them I don´t understand why countries outside of Japan, like Sweden has anything to do with it or why they should even try to force Japan to change their views on this matter. I am terribly sorry to say that I do not remember where it all started, if I recall right it was a feminist group that demanded that lolis, neko-mimis and what not were to be banned from appearing in visual novels.

1. Women felt oppressed by years of patriarchal society, which sought to suppress their natural inclinations in favor of what culture expected them to do.

2. They formed the ideals of feminism, and gained (some would say “reclaimed”) political power.

3. Completely blind to the irony, some then decided to use this power to push their cultural norms onto others of different cultures, suppressing others’ natural inclinations in favor of what the feminist culture expects them to do.

You are looking at step three.

It’s more complicated than that, of course – but I challenge people to put forth a serious argument that this isn’t really what’s happening.

Returning readers will no doubt wonder how this squares with being an admitted “radical feminist.” To quote Liz Phair,

I am a feminist, and I define myself – be yourself, because if you can get away with it, that is the ultimate feminist act.

Perhaps I simply happen to see the hypocrisy inherent in an historically oppressed group using the law to force one’s culture upon others, and want nothing of it.

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