The Trolling Hour: Apathy for DKellis

Since we've shifted the frame to talking about people, as opposed to moe characters . . .

Since we've shifted the frame to talking about people, as opposed to moe characters, I've extended the visual metaphor.

I’ve never liked Moe Check. This isn’t to say that I hated it or anything, but more that it failed to fully elicit any sort of severe response in any direction. I didn’t hate it, and I didn’t like it; I was just not interested in it.

Which, I suppose, is sort of the problem, and worse than active dislike of the site: Moe Check failed to interest me, and so the only emotion I drew from the blog itself (distinct from the emotions I have towards its supporters, which range from polite attention to incredulous laughter) was boredom. The reviews failed to engage me at any level. I may be classified as a hater of the blog because of this, which I think kind of misses the issue: I don’t have the passion to hate Moe Check. It’s just there. You may as well ask me what I think about the cultivation of yams.

From conversations with people who are fans of the blog, it appears that a common thread (but by no means universal) is the ability to identify with the writer, namely DKellis. They see themselves in DKellis, and they can empathize heavily with what he is going through.

On the other hand, maybe not; it is possible I am completely misunderstanding the situation. I can kind of see it in the abstract, but I cannot quite grok it to the fullness of understanding. This is because the point of the blog is thoroughly unidentifiable for me. About the only part of the website I can empathize with is that banner of Sakura, since she’s quiet and looks bored, but I hear that she’s not supposed to be empathic, so I apparently have been accidentally insulting or something.

I’m pretty sure I was never like DKellis. This is not a boast, since it’s entirely likely that I was in some way worse. But I didn’t have empathy issues, and I grew up in an interesting home environment. There is just nothing connecting me with people who write the way DKellis does. It’s kind of like a cultural gap, except not exactly cultural, but more circumstantial. I recognize that it is a valid blogging style; it’s just not mine.

I understand that perhaps Moe Check is significant to the culture of anime blogging, and that despite switching tenses mid-sentence, it has some influence. However, I just can’t bring myself to like it. This has no bearing on its quality or its importance; it is merely a rehashing of the same disclaimer for the nth time within one article.

I probably should not have spent so much time on this topic, since not only do I not have the time or inclination to write about it, I also don’t think there is anything that has not already been said in a verbose fashion by DKellis’s post itself.

Kipi as Rei.

Kipi as Rei.

Cosplay shot II: Kipi as Rei (Oh no! Male gaze!)

In all fairness, DKellis does write interesting articles.  The perfect fit for a metablog entry, however, was simply too good to pass up.  The Moritheil Review salutes DKellis for being a good sport about it.

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  1. My name is Damien Kellis and I heartily approve of this post.

  2. thats not kipi….

    • I was told it was Kipi with a wig. I’m not aware of anyone else it could be, but feel free to comment again if you find out.

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