Fall Season Impressions

The chill of autumn may be setting in outside, but in the realm of the mind, the Aniblogoverse is heating up fiercely!

Not actually from this season.

Over at Dasaku, Zeroblade proves that awesomeness is in the very core of his being by actually reviewing My Girlfriend Is the President.  Though the game is widely regarded as a joke due to its improbable setup (aliens kill important political people and replace them with a moe-moe preteen Japanese girl, then brainwash all of humanity into thinking she’s the president) Zeroblade apparently intends to play it through.  He even throws some social commentary in for good measure.

Glo the legend is reviewing Queen’s Blade 2.  Does that brave man have what it takes?  Can he make it through without being utterly corrupted by the foul miasma of exploding breasts, phallic weapons, and cheap sex?  Have a look at an actual quote:

It was the most random rape ever and I actually laughed quite hard . . . I can’t wait for next week!

He is in his element.

In other news, Doctor NK continues to scour the web for Touhou-related interviews.  Readers will be thrilled to see the ZUN interview, which contains such gems as:

They’re generally drunk, jumping around on different subjects.

ZUN ignores all ideas from outside Japan.

ZUN reads /jp/ and is trolling everyone.

Ray at Anime Diet has been watching the new To Aru, and it does not disappoint.  Reviewers at Aloe Dream and Jinx have been similarly minded.  Ray is, however, also following Queen’s Blade and Kampfer.  How does one man withstand the sheer force of so many shimapan, breasts, and risque poses?  It’s unbelievable, but we have faith in him.  Somehow, he will manage.


Onward, brave soldiers.  Onward to victory.

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  1. Hey, I finished the first season, Queen’s Blade was one of the anime that I was really looking forward to this season.

    I get about 200 hits per day just from people searching “boobs”.

  2. So risque! Ray must be a blogger of many many tastes ^^ Queen’s Blade was a definite no for me, Kampfer was closer, but I wasn’t all that compelled (we’ll see after the 2nd episode).


  3. nothing much interesting in the Fall ’09 season. except: InuYasha and Nogizaka Haruka S2. Kampfer? well… I’ll give it a shot.

  4. oh, ok. I watched Kampfer now and I like it. LOL!

  5. Thanks for the roundup!

    After suffering through the first episode of Queen’s Blade (first season), I can see how it could be watched as an MST3K-worthy show. I’m just glad I’m not the one doing it. That show’s just *weird*.

  6. Ahh shitty anime, where would we anime bloggers be without you?

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